Toys, toys, toys!

Nursery came into school on Monday to find that our class toys had come alive over the weekend just like in the film Toy Story! This was a very exciting start to the week.

We have explored moving toys, building toys and thought about our favourite toys from home. The children have been trying to use as many words as they can to describe their toys, thinking about what they are made of, what they look like and what they do. They have also used their photographs of their favourite toys to make their own observational drawings too! Alongside this, Nursery have been having fun buying, selling, weighing and sorting toys in our very popular ‘toy shop’ role play area.

Take a look at some of us in action!

Gingerbread Investigations in Reception!

This week our Gingerbread Men ran away! We couldn’t believe it! They left a trail of flour around school – we had to read and follow clues to try and find them…

We have also…

  • Investigated what happens when the Gingerbread Man goes in water. We made predictions and then tested if we were right!
  • Worked in our floor book groups to think of a new way for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river. We had some brilliant ideas such as a submarine, helicopter and speed boat! We then used the junk modelling to create him a model.
  • Learnt all about shapes! We have made shapes with the play dough, made our own shape books, found hidden shapes in the shredded paper and made shapes using the geo-boards and elastic bands.
  • In Guided Reading we answered lots of questions about the story ‘Biscuit Bear.’ We then discussed the similarities and differences between this book and the Gingerbread Man.

Have a look at our Gingerbread Investigation here…

Voyagers and Discoverers.


Year 6 Bridges

As part of our work on the Industrial Revolution, Year 6 have been investigating bridges today. With their engineer heads on, they considered what made a strong bridge, investigating practically. Later on, they put their new-found knowledge to good use by building bridges in teams that could span a 50cm gap and hold as much weight as possible.

We have yet to test our finished bridges, so we will let you know what designs worked best and why!

Have a look at the pictures of our D&T day here.

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

This week, can you please show me what you know about the following areas:

  • English. Informal writing / diary writing / question tags / exclamations / punctuation / the story of Oliver Twist.
  • Maths. Comparing fractions / adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Topic. Who was the most important Industrialist? Bridges.

Spellings will be the middle column – again no new spellings so this is all revision.

Don’t forget times tables and read, read, read!

Gingerbread Men in Reception

Over the past two weeks in Reception we have been exploring the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have been using our learning of storytelling from before half-term to retell the tale using our class story map, story language and actions. We have been very busy…
• Baking our own gingerbread men, sequencing instructions and writing our own ingredients. We are going to bring them home next week! (We hope they don’t run away over the weekend!)
• Catching and counting the Gingerbread Man’s buttons in the water tray.
• Playing a Gingerbread Man maths game on the Ipads – we had to order the gingerbread men according to how many buttons they had. We used the language ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare.
• Making our own story puppets to tell the story in the puppet theatre.
• Investigating lots of sensory ‘ginger scented’ things!
• Acting out the story in our Gingerbread house.

The children looked fantastic in their spotty clothes today in aid of Children in Need! We learnt why Pudsey is a very special bear and thought about how we could be kind to other children. We took part in themed activities, including making playdough Pudseys, split-pin Pudsey’s and Pudsey masks. Thank you very much for taking part, donating and making this a fun-filled fundraising day.

Have a look at some photographs here! Voyagers Discoverers

Nursery Rhymes!

For the past two weeks Nursery have been exploring a Nursery Rhyme a day for our latest topic!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in many different activities and it has been wonderful to hear them asking in the morning, “What rhyme are we learning today?”

To name a few activities…

– We collaged Twinkle Twinkle Stars!
– Built walls for Humpty Dumpty!
– Marched like the Grand Old Duke of York to the drums!
– Acted as Doctors to take care of Miss Polly’s Dolly!
– Rolled and counted sizzling sausages in the pan!
…and baked cakes as fast as we could, marking them with the initial sound of our name!

We ended this week with the children applying all their learning and working as a team to create their very own silly Nursery Rhymes!

Take a look. We hope they make you smile 🙂

Year 2 Jets – Pudding Lane Houses

For homework, we set ourselves the challenge of re-creating Pudding Lane as it was in 1666. What an amazing job we have done! Now we are working on writing a historical recount of the Fire. Then we think we could actually re-enact the Fire!

Well done Jets, another amazing homework. I’m loving your enthusiasm for our topic.

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

This week in your Learning Logs, please can you show me what you know about the following objectives:

  • English. Formal writing tricks: subjunctive form; passive voice; colons and semi-colons; complex sentences.
  • Maths. Simplifying fractions.
  • Topic. Individuals during the Industrial Revolution – Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater and James Brindley. Canals.

Spellings will be the left hand column – no new ones, so concentrate on the ones you find tricky!

Don’t forget times tables and read, read, read!