How do we keep ourselves healthy?

Year 1 Amazons and Swallows have been learning how to keep healthy with the help of the school nurse, Mrs Hood.

They practised hand-washing for spotlessly clean hands and know it is important to wash their hands after the toilet, before eating, after touching pets and if they sneeze or blow their noses. They don’t want to spread any germs!

Also Year 1 met The Veggie Gang! And they taste-tested a range of fruits and vegetables including spinach, cucumber, strawberries and sultanas. The children know we need 5 portions of fruit & veg to eat-healthily.

Artie Beat told the children how to keep fit. From playing rugby or football to swimming and doing push-ups Year 1 know to keep moving to live healthy life-styles and have begun to understand the job of each vital organ in the human body.

They’ve really enjoyed their sessions with the nurse!

Take a look at Year 1 in action… 

Harvest in Reception!

This week has been our harvest festival in school and to link to this we have been looking at the story ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ We tried some new fruits, enjoyed painting them with water colours and then at the end of the week we performed our harvest song to our families – we hope you liked it!

Have a look at the pictures from our week here…

Reception Voyagers

Reception Discoverers

Harvest celebrations!

A super seasonal week in Nursery learning about autumn and celebrating Harvest!

We started the week outdoors building warm cosy homes for the hibernating animals and using play dough to mould our very own hedgehogs with lots of spaghetti prickles!

On Wednesday, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we found an enormous turnip growing outdoors in the soil! We shared the traditional tale and discussed the fruit and vegetables growing on our farms at this time of year.

We have acted out the story using masks and props, ordered turnips by size, printed fruit and vegetables using paint and tasted different harvest foods making a class chart of our favourites.

Take a look at our autumn fun!

As a lovely way to end the week we took part in our own celebration, sharing the harvest soup we made with reception!

Have a wonderful break 🙂

Year 6 Worsley Walk

Year 6 kicked off their new topic today (How was Manchester affected by the Industrial Revolution?) by going on a walk to Worsley and back. While there, they learned about the important role Worsley played within the Industrial Revolution and looked at the landscape and reflected on what it would have been like during the Industrial Revolution.

In the afternoon, Year 6 used their new knowledge to plan questions they would like to answer during the topic next half term.

Have a look at the pictures here.

Reception’s Autumn walk in the woods!

This week we have loved investigating Autumn! The highlight of our week was when we put on our wellingtons and went on a walk to the local woods to spot the signs of Autumn. We saw pinecones, conkers, apples, crunchy leaves and blackberries! Have a look at our Autumn walk pictures below…

We have also been looking at the book ‘Leaf Man’ and used our Autumn collections to make our own leaf characters. Super natural art! A little reminder that it is our Harvest Festival next Friday. It will be held in the school hall at 9.30am – we hope to see lots of you there! Have a lovely weekend.

Reception Voyagers Autumn Walk…

Reception Discoverers Autumn Walk…


Autumn Walks!

This week we have ventured outdoors to spot the signs of the season – Autumn! The children collected different signs of autumn in their bags and took them back to the classroom to put in our autumn role-play area and to use in lots of different activities! We have been threading leaves, collaging trees, counting and colour-sorting leaves and printing them to make patterns with paint.

Our Autumn Walk

Later in the week we found very large footprints in the classroom! The children thought it might a big brown bear until we discovered ‘The Gruffalo’ story at the end of the tracks in the autumn cave. The name a few….We have acted out the story, made Gruffalo silly rhyming soup, painted the story characters and baked some yummy Gruffalo crumble!


Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

Your learning log homework this week for next Monday 16th October. Show me what you know about last week’s objectives:

  • English. Sentence structure / writing for mood and atmosphere.
  • Guided Reading. Finding the meaning of new vocabulary words.
  • Maths. Calculating with negative numbers.
  • Topic. Comparing North Wales and Greater Manchester.

Your spelling test on Friday 13th October will be the right hand column. There are only four new homophone spellings – can you find a way to remember which one is which? For an extra challenge, can you write a sentence that uses both homophones in it?

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars!

Your most important homework (always!): Read, read, read!

Year 6 Harvest Festival Performance

For Year 6’s Harvest Festival this year, they will be performing I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester by the Wurzels.

The children will need to dress as farmers for the performance. Jeans and a check shirt is perfect – wellies if you have them – or denim / check dresses for the girls. Please do not spend any money: as close as you have to this is absolutely fine.

The lyrics will be sent home tonight for children to learn. To help practice, here is the music and lyrics on youtube. Just be aware that the short introduction part has been cut so it goes straight into the lyrics!


Exploring colour through stories…

Nursery have had another busy week exploring colour through the stories ‘Elmer’, ‘The Mixed Up Chameleon’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’!

To name a few of the activities we have been taking part in this week…
– We have had an elephant party on the outdoor stage
– We designed our very own ‘Mixed-Up’ animals
– We have used a variety of materials to collage animal habitats
– We created a rainbow picture on the laptops
– We worked in groups to act out the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’

In the hall we were given the challenge of moving in different ways as jungle animals, listening carefully to the musical instruments and freezing when the animal sounds stopped. It was lovely to observe how much they enjoyed this activity! 🙂

Such a busy week! Take a look at us in action…