Reception go into the woods with Little Red Riding Hood

This week was all about Little Red Riding Hood. We……

  • Shared the story thinking about the different characters and what happened in the beginning, middle and end.
  • Were introduced to our story map and lots of story language and actions.
  • Changed our role play area into Granny’s cottage and have loved acting out the story with our friends.
  • Made character masks.
  • Painted story characters.
  • Collaged a map for Little Red Riding Hood to get her safely to Granny’s Cottage.
  • Tried to cheer poorly Granny up by making her play dough cakes, writing her get well soon cards and using our pincher fingers to scrunch tissue and collage her flowers.
  • Used the Lego to build Grandma’s cottage
  • Used the tweezers to collect the red things – Little Red Riding Hoods favourite colour
  • Used puppets to tell the story.
  • Did some simple coding on the computer using the arrow keys to direct Little Red Riding Hood through the woods.

Hunting for colours!

We continued to explore colours this week in Nursery…

On green day we went on a nature walk to search for and collect green objects outdoors! We used the natural materials to thread leaf necklaces, mixed yellow and blue to paint green caterpillars and caught ‘5 little speckle frogs’ in the water tray!

On orange day Boris the Bear sent us a letter and instructions to make orange juice! We sliced and squeezed the oranges to make a drink for him. Alongside this, we made play dough star fish and fox masks, and printed patterns with carrots!

On Wednesday we explored the difference between bright and dark colours. We sorted objects by colour on the maths table, made colourful play dough parrots using feathers, painted bright coloured patterns and turned our black and white photographs bright using pastels 🙂

Lastly, on Thursday we had lots of fun colouring Incy Wincy Spider, painting dark coloured animals, making chocolate cakes using play dough and counting the sounds of pebbles crashing down! We even made Mud Pies outdoors by following a recipe…

We finished our week with a colour hunt and the children did an excellent job of putting on their ‘colour goggles’ and hunting for them around the environment!


Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

This week your Learning Log homework is on Lledr Hall. Be as creative as you like! You could use your English skills to write a recount of your week, a diary, a thank you letter, a story set at the hall, a tourist brochure… You could use your Maths skills to tell me about journey times or distances, write themed Maths problems, work out fractions of children who were in different groups or did different things… You could use your topic skills to show me where Lledr Hall is on a map or the distance you travelled, the natural and human features you encountered. You could even respond artistically!

Spellings will continue with the left hand side – make sure you know them all and think of some extra silent letter words if you can – test on Friday!

Times tables. We have signed up to Times Tables Rockstars. Your login should be in your reading record. How fast can you get your times tables? Can you beat me?


Lots of learning in Year 1…

This week the children have worked hard counting and representing numbers using different apparatus including the tens frames. Also, they have been using a number line to find ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ than given numbers and have solved some problems using this knowledge.

Our English has focussed on super sentence writing using the _ing suffix, describing what we saw happening at the zoo. We have started to use the ‘s’ for plurals too.

Take a look at some of us in action this week.

Reception make pizzas!

This week has been another busy ‘Pizza for Pirates’ week! We…

  • Made our own pizzas! We had a letter from George to say the sea monster had eaten all his pizza so we made him some more. We had to make sure they had healthy toppings!
  • Learnt what a non-fiction book is and compared it to Pizza for Pirates.
  • Sorted out all the books in our class library into story books & information books.
  • Built our own pirate ships with the junk modelling. We put them in the water tray outside to see if they would float!
  • Counted pirates on a tens frame and showed the number on our fingers.
  • Went to the ICT suite to play a maths game.
  • Made newspaper pirate hats (like Georges’) – we had to use our pincher fingers to rip the paper.
  • Used wax crayons and watercolours to make a pirate ship painting.
  • Worked in our guided reading groups to read labels on a treasure map!

Such a busy week! Have a look at the photos here….

Reception Voyagers

Reception Discoverers

Colours, colours everywhere!

Colours, colours everywhere! Can you spy colours with Boris the Bear?

We have had such a busy second week in Nursery!

Tuesday was a very special day as we met our new class friend Boris the Bear! We made him feel very welcome, giving lots of cuddles when he felt a little nervous about meeting everyone 🙂 We learnt that Boris’s favourite thing to do is hunt for colours so we explored the text ‘Bear Sees Colours’ by Karma Wilson. Each day onwards has been a new colour day!
Wednesday was BLUE day so we…

– Sailed blue boats on the water
– Mixed different shades to paint the deep blue sea
– Caught blue fish in the fishing nets
– Wrote our names in blue balloons

Thursday was Red day so we…

– Made our own red books of red objects
– Used cotton buds to paint red poppy flowers
– Got messy with red jelly in the water tray
– Counted and weighed red apples in the shop

And Friday was YELLOW day so we…

– Made friendship bracelets for Boris using pasta and honey hoops
– Collaged bright yellow sunshine’s
– Made patterns in the sparkly yellow sand
– Chalked the right number of shining stars

I wonder which colour, Boris the Bear sees next? We’ll find out next week! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Reminder: Please return parental permission forms to allow your children’s photographs to be published on the blog so you can see how much fun we are having!

Lledr Hall – Day Four

We were very lucky with the weather today. After a night of heavy rain the sun came out when we started our activities, and it stayed dry all day!

Another action packed day of activities: high ropes and low ropes, the fisherman’s gorge, canoeing and gorge walking.

In the evening, the children enjoyed their disco with lots of interesting dancing. We then had circle time when children shared their favourite memories of the week- there were lots.

Follow the link for today’s pictures.

Lledr Hall- Day Three

Today, the weather changed. We went on a walk through forest and over hill between Betws-y-Coed and Lledr Hall. The weather started off fine and dry, then after lunch the rain started. This added to the already large puddles and we all got a bit wet… the children loved it! Stomping through puddles, plunging through mud, the five miles we walked were a lot of fun!

After drying off, showering and putting on some clean clothes, the children enjoyed playing some wooden games made by a member of staff at Lledr- the wonderful Jed!

This evening the children are having a cosy film night meanwhile it still rains outside!

Link to photos

Lledr Hall – Day Two

Today was our first day of activities in our small groups. Each group had a fabulous time and made the most of the opportunity and challenge. The weather has been warm and sunny and North Wales has never looked so pretty.

Mr Marks’ groups went canoeing and then wet gorge walking.

Miss Curwen’s group went wet gorge walking and then canoeing.

Mrs Canning’s group went on the high and low ropes and then the fisherman’s gorge.

We have had a lovely relaxing evening. Mr Marks lit a bonfire and we played some games. We also had a couple of birthdays to celebrate, so finished the night with cake and juice!

Here our some of our photos.

Lledr Hall – Day One

We arrived safely just before lunchtime. After finding our rooms and meeting the staff, we had our lunch in the dining hall.

In the afternoon we used our map skills to ‘crack the code’ and took part in an orienteering activity around the site.

After dinner we packed up our rucksacks, got our head torches and went on a night walk into the hills.

The children are all tucked up in bed now and looking forward to a day of activities tomorrow.

( To see some photos please use this link.)