Ellenbrook meets Grease!

As I am sure that everyone who came to see it will agree, Key Stage 2 were absolutely fantastic during all three of the performances of Ellenbrook meets Grease last week.

Year 6 gave John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John a real run for their money – all of their performances were superb. The acting! The singing! The dancing! Definitely some future stars among them.

Year 3, 4 Bells, 4 Whistles and Year 5 all worked incredibly hard on their dances, and they all looked fantastic too.

A huge thank you to all the parents who came to see it, and who contributed towards costumes!

While we all wait with baited breath for the DVD, here are some photos of the children in costume to whet your appetite.



Chocolate Project!

Year 5 have had a fantastic half term, designing, marketing and making their chocolate products. The day has finally come and the children have been able to put all of their hard work to the test. The children sold their chocolates to the whole school as well as their parents in order to make a profit.

Have a look at the photos to see what they have been up to!https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx53CT6u-aq5clV1anJYVDVscDA/view?usp=sharing

Year 2 – Bring yer Wellies

What a fantastic day we have had, lots of fun in the beautiful sunshine! We investigated what plants need to grow and survive and then had to use our knowledge as we planted our own herbs. It was fun using our sense of smell to identify different herbs!  We have never looked at poo so closely either and know we love worms because they do such an important job!

In the afternoon we got to show Nigel and Melissa how great we are at working as a team and cooperating. We built dens, raced boats down the brook and led our teams through an obstacle course. They said we were the best class they had ever had – Mrs Baird and Miss Curwen were super proud of us too! Have a look at our photos…..


After exploring different types of animals the children began thinking about which ones could be kept as pets!

They shared the story “The Great Pet Sale” and set up their own pet shop in the classroom. Here they could practice their counting skills buying and selling and different pets.

The children explored the different types of animals we keep as pets thinking about what they need to be healthy and happy!

When they explored cats some of them even turned themselves into cats for the day!












During our learning we were lucky enough to get to meet some pets.

First the children met a dog called Elsa! They created a list of the things she needed and made sure she had her breakfast.









Next they met a rabbit called Sal. They spent time making careful observational drawings of him as he hopped about the classroom.









And finally they met Frank and Phil the fish! The children enjoyed exploring materials they could use on collages to represent scales.


After learning about the different types of pets the children brought in pictures and shared information about their own pets. They talked about how they had to look after their pets at home.

They then created a class book about their pets or the pet they would like in the future!









We love pets!

Reception Amazons – Fun at Forest Schools!

What an absolutely wonderful day at Damhouse on our forest schools trip! 🙂

We had so much fun taking part in lots of activities down in the woods…
– Chopping kindling for the fire
– Drilling wooden pendants to make necklaces
– Making Nature Ninja bandanas
– Baking and eating bread
– Building dens
…and the one they waited for all day – toasting marshmallows around the campfire!

The children were excited all day long and loved every moment. Thank you to all the parents who helped today and to those who volunteered. We really appreciate your support.

Take a look at us in action! 

Reception Swallows – Forest School Trip!

WOW!! What an AMAZING day!! We had so much fun cutting wood and building our own fires, hunting for minibeasts and playing on the rope swings! We also used lots of petals and leaves to print our own ‘Nature Ninja’ bandana! In the afternoon we built our fire and cooked our bread. We also cut our own willow branches and drilled a hole to make a wooden medallion! To finish the day we toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.  Thank you so much to our brilliant parent helpers – Anna’s daddy, Sophie’s daddy and Esme’s mummy. Click here for the photos of our fantastic day!


EYFS School Games Day!

What a wonderful afternoon! The children had a fantastic time in the sunshine taking part in our annual EYFS games day.

They took turns to…
– Race with the bikes
– Climb the obstacle frame
– Fill the water bucket
– Hook the ducks
– Balance the egg and spoon
– Collect the fish at the seaside
– Balance a beanbag
– Bounce on the space hoppers
…and beat the goalie!

We were very proud of the children who put in 100% and showed super sportsmanship!

Thank you to all the adults who came to cheer us on, especially those who took part themselves 🙂

Take a look at us in action today…