Minibeasts in Reception Swallows!

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks in Reception Swallows – we had a delivery of caterpillars to our classroom and have loved watching them turn into cocoons and then butterflies! The children chose to call them Colin, Petal, Holly, Twirl and Blossom.

The caterpillar delivery began our work on minibeasts and we have loved reading the rhyming story ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ by Giles Andreae. In maths we have been looking at measures – we have been making caterpillars with the play dough, measuring them with a ruler and then ordering by length. We have also used our butterflies to link with symmetry and pattern making. The children have been busy finding and classifying bugs outside, building bug hotels and moving like bugs too! Have a look at some photos from the week below.

Miss Jolly has told me what a brilliant day she had with the children yesterday! She is very excited about September – well done Reception 🙂

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

As most of you are missing for most of this week, you can have two weeks for homework: please bring this in by Monday 10th July.

In your learning logs, please can you show me what you know about:

  • Mayans vs. Anglo-Saxons
  • Lizards
  • Writing like an expert
  • Area and volume

Don’t forget your times tables and reading every day! Oh, and practice saying your lines loudly and slowly and using your arms too! Get to the top of those stairs, or to the bottom of your garden to practice!

Animals Animals Everywhere!

This half term Nursery are exploring lots of different types of animals!

First they explored the animals and rhymes in Oi Frog. After becoming expert rhymers they investigated the different types of animals and where they came from.

This got them chatting about zoo animals!

This week they have built their very own zoo in the classroom, counted and classified zoo animals, made enclosures and taken on the role of different animals making and wearing masks.

After reading the book Dear Zoo they decided they wanted to add some new pages. To help with this they have researched different zoo animals and made their own information pages.

First they collected information from books. Then they wrote their facts and finally they created a picture of their animals.

They are super zoologists!

Red group created a page about tigers,

Yellow group created a page about penguins,

Blue group created a page about crocodiles,

Green group created a page about zebras


Orange group created a page about tarantulas!

Ellenbrooks Magnificent Music Festival!

Last night lucky parents and staff were wowed by the musical talent of the children from Year 1 to Year 6.

After working hard all year learning lots of different instruments the children confidently performed to a very impressed audience.

We had performances on; the violin, the viola, the double bass, a variety of brass instruments, the piano and the guitar.

The children were fantastic! What a brilliant evening!

Take a look at our performers here! 

Week 2 with Bells

We have had such a fun week this week! We have been busy practising our Summer Performance songs and dances, and they are sounding great!

In DT we have been busy adding to our puppets. We have secured the heads in place, and have now started to think about their costumes. We have cut the template of the outfit and have begun stitching an applique feature onto the design. A massive thank you to those who donated costume material! It was very kind of you and we really appreciate it.

In Maths, we have enjoyed converting units of measurement and applying this to perimeter. Yesterday, we did a Problem Solving activity where we had to calculate the perimeter of a magic carpet, draw it to scale, and converted the measurements!

We had a lovely Science lesson where we discussed and explored how sounds were made, and how the sound travels to our ear. Some of our musicians played their instruments for us, and we worked out how the sounds were made.

We have continued working on our playscripts in English, and will be performing these on Monday. They have done a super job!


Reception Amazons – Arrival of our Class Caterpillars!

On Monday something exciting happened…Christopher’s caterpillars arrived in Image result for christophers caterpillarsthe post for us to look after! We discussed how to keep them safe in the classroom and the children quickly thought of what to call them…Kevin, Camilla  and Cutie to name a few! We have enjoyed watching them grow this week and are looking forward to seeing what has happened over the weekend on Monday 🙂

Alongside this we have been exploring ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have had lots of fun tasting fruit from the story and using our senses to describe them using adjectives! We talked about healthy and unhealthy choices, and the effects they have on our bodies.  The children have enjoyed many other themed activities including making fingerprint, paper chain and play dough caterpillars to measure.

Take a look at us in action!

A busy first week back with Bells

We had a super start to the Summer term last week! I loved hearing them perform at the Summer Fair yesterday. I couldn’t believe how much musical talent we have in the class!

We spent a lot of last week looking at our WOW text, which is Philip Pullman’s version of Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp. We are currently turning the story into a playscript, and the children have loved acting out each scene to develop their dialogue. We are also busy making puppets in DT, so we can do a grand performance of our playscript using our puppets!

In Maths, the children were busy helping me plan my Honeymoon by interpreting and drawing different types of graphs about attractions in St Petersburg and Moscow. They even helped me to book my flights using data about Manchester Airport! This week, we are being cross curricular with English. We are using our knowledge of converting measurements, are and perimeter to help Aladdin and the Princess plan their Wedding!

The children also loved getting stuck into their new Science topic, which is Sound. We explored different sounds and how they are made. We also looked at why animals have different shaped/sized ears, and how this can help them to hear.

Just a couple of notes:
– Homework went out this morning, and the children need to learn column B for their spelling test on Friday.
– Costumes for the school production can be brought in to school anytime, but the final date is Friday 23rd June.
– This week in DT we are making costumes for our puppet. If you have any old cotton tshirts or shirts you would be happy to donate to the project, they would be greatly appreciated! It doesn’t matter what colour or pattern they are.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Reception Swallows – Growing up!

This week we have had a great time matching baby pictures to children in our class! We have loved learning all about babies – spending time discussing how we have changed, the things we can now do and experiences of having younger siblings. In literacy we have been writing about our baby pictures with a focus on ‘super sentences’ and in maths we have been doubling numbers! We have loved reading lots of baby books, such as ‘Baby Brains’ and ‘The best, best baby!’

We have a very exciting delivery of caterpillars arriving next week and we can’t wait to see how they change as they grow up!

Have a look at our baby photos in the video below… we’ve not changed much!

Reception Amazons – Growing Up

We have has such a lovely first week back in Reception Amazons exploring our learning challenge ‘Can you explain how you have changed since you were a baby?’ We have had lots of ‘Aw’s’ and giggles looking at our old baby photographs, discussing what we couldn’t do then and what we have learned since. Thank you for bringing them in 🙂

As part of math’s work this week we have been learning how to double – adding the same number to itself. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making play dough ladybirds and doubling the number of spots on its wings. They have shown lots of enthusiasm with this area of number and there has been lots going on independently in the classroom.

Take a look at how we have grown!
Reception Amazons – Growing Up! on PhotoPeach