Year 3 Arts Week Day 5

Another amazing day in Year 3 to celebrate the end of Arts Week. Today we expressed different emotions (happiness, sadness, calmness and anger) through music and dance. The children’s ideas were inspirational and the photos and videos of the performance can be found here.

In the afternoon, the children put the finishing touches to their Van Gogh art work and we photographed the final pieces. I think everybody will agree that the art work the children produced was absolutely fantastic. The children also looked at and celebrated their work and wrote thoughtful evaluations about what they have enjoyed this week and the skills they have developed.

Arts week in Jets – Day Five!

We made it!

Our final day of arts week was another fun one…the children created a CD-case cover for the Bear’s CD! To do this they used ripped paper for the head and nose, chalk for a furry effect and black pens to add the detail. Click here for the photos and some of our finished final pieces.

I’ve had a great week and sure the children have too!

Enjoy the half-term holiday 🙂 Miss J.

The final day of Arts Week: Y4 Bells

It has been a fantastic day today, and we have really taken the time to appreciate all our hard work!

We finished off our mythical creatures with an ink outline, and then wrote some reflections onto special paper we had designed earlier in the week. We then had a really good discussion about our progress over the week, and recapped some highlights and things we were proud of.

We finished with a fun game of Guess Who! We drew a partner in the style of Gerald Scarfe, and had to try and guess who each picture was. It was a great way to apply our learning and a fun way to end the week!

Year 3 Arts Week Day 4

Today our artist Julie arrived! We focused on the colour blue and how Van Gogh used it in his art work. We began our day by recreating the famous painting ‘Starry Night’ with oil pastels and ink resulting in some very striking art work.

In the afternoon, the children worked in teams of 4 to upscale 8 different Van Gogh paintings onto A1 card. This was a difficult task and I have been so impressed with the children’s drawings skills today. Then they used the skills they practised in the morning with the oil pastels and ink to finish their work. The end pieces were absolutely fantastic and the children were wonderful at working in teams. Have a look at our super ‘blue’ art work here.

Year 6 Arts Week Day 4

Today, Year 6 finished off their industrial landscapes in the style of Trevor Grimshaw and they look fantastic. They used graphite of varying softness to create gradient effects, and used a putty rubber to highlight.

In the afternoon, Year 6 created some scientific drawings of bees. They were inspired by Darwin (who, of course, they already knew about).

Tomorrow, we will be doing a range of activities, including lots of finishing off!

Pictures to follow.

Day 4 of Arts Week: Bells

Today, we have been developing our characters by experimenting with ink and watercolours. We have explored drawing on different materials, using various effects with ink, and trying different colour combinations to develop our creatures.

We reflected on all these changes, and decided on our favourite techniques to use for our final piece. The children then used our DIY lightbox to sketch their final piece onto watercolour paper, then finished their watercolours. We are going to finish inking tomorrow morning, as well as try some portrait work in the style of Gerald Scarfe.

Arts week in Jets – Day Four

Our penultimate day of arts week and what a busy day we have had in Jets! The children have worked through a number of activities to produce work which will contribute to our ‘final-piece’ display, including: oil pastel and watercolour leaves, collage leaves, collage branches and watercolour grass paintings.

In the afternoon, the children developed their water colour skills; adding a larger range of colours to their washes though, to create a sun-setting sky. They then added black cut-outs with chalked windows, doors, signs and lights which formed a city sky-scraper scene. The pieces look great and effectively represent the bear sailing back from the big city to his home in the wood.

Click here for Thursday’s photos.