Year 6 Homework

This week for homework the focus is on Maths revision.

Please could you create  something that will help someone else in the class learn a particular area of Maths. You could make a poster, a game, a play, a puzzle, a model… be creative!

You could look at:

  • fractions, decimals and percentages
  • written calculations: e.g. long and short multiplication and long and short division
  • shapes
  • measures
  • angles

Use your revision books to help you choose (and practise any areas you are less confident with too!)

The Three Little Pigs

To start this terms farm topic the children have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. They have spent the week learning to tell the story using lots of story language, acting it out in our role play and investigating building materials.

They have explored straw, sticks and bricks testing out why straw and sticks wouldn’t build good houses and why bricks make strong ones sharing pictures of their own houses.


They also had a go at building towers making sure they balanced and counting how many bricks they used.

Reception Amazons – Stockley Farm!

Reception Amazons thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Stockley Farm today! The sun may not have been shining but we all had a wonderful time.

We started our trip in the barn feeding the kids! Not the children…real baby goats 🙂  They bounded into the barn feeling very hungry. We gave them milk to drink and felt their soft fur.

After this we visited some of the smaller animals in the pet’s corner. We stroked Bugsy the rabbit and met Felicity the ferret!

Next we crossed over the shed to meet and greet the animals. Have a look at Gladys who popped up to say hello! There were lots of newly born baby animals which were very cute!

After lunch, we then had lots of fun bobbing up and down on our tractor ride singing along the way.

Finally, we ended our trip meeting Duncan the pony. We learnt about his hooves and petted his back and sides.

A huge thank you to all the mummies who helped out today, but also to everyone who volunteered. We hope you enjoyed the trip just as much as the children, Mrs Whitley and I!

Reception Amazon – Trip to the Farm! on PhotoPeach

See all our photographs here. 

Our day at Stockley Farm! (Reception Swallows)

We have had a fantastic day down on the farm and taken part in lots of activities…

A bumpy tractor ride!


The children were extremely well behaved and many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers too. A brilliant day!

24 hours at Dobroyd Castle…

And what a fun 24 hours it has been!

The number of activities the children have taken part in are too many to mention. Each activity has been such fun and it has been lovely to see the children gain so much confidence when they have tried something new.

The children have been well fed, the staff have been very well fed. We have all had a good night’s sleep. All the staff here are so caring and have the children’s best interests at heart.

We have taken many, many photographs all of which cannot be blogged right now. I will try and put a few more pictures on tonight.


Year 2 – making potions

Today we have been making potions for Olivia Otter in Bottlenose Bay. We had to choose our ingredients like Jellyfish Juice and Starfish Special Surprise and then we had to decide the measures we needed. We had to make sure our measures added up to the total we had been given, we were not allowed to go over or not make enough! It took very careful adding and very accurate measuring, have a look….

Year 6 Homework

This week for homework we are focusing on revision for Grammar and Spelling.

I have sent home some 10 minute grammar tests so you can have a practice at home. There are answers too so you can mark your own or have a parent mark them for you.

For your learning log homework, I would like you to choose an area of grammar or spelling, and then to create something to help someone else to learn all about it. It might be a poster, a game, a short lesson, a worksheet, a PowerPoint, a play, a song… be as creative as you like with it. It might be a good idea to choose an area you find more difficult to learn more about before you start.

Homework will be for next Friday (28th April).

I’ve also added some tasks on Mathletics for our next piece of work… coordinates and angles!

And… don’t forget reading. It’s always the most important thing you can do!


Possible areas to focus on for homework (there are loads more – I’ve just chosen the tricky ones!)

  • prepositions
  • determiners
  • subordinating conjunctions / subordinating clauses
  • verbs in the perfect form
  • present and past progressive tense
  • subjunctive form
  • passive and active
  • homophones

Here are the homophone pictures for those who wanted them: