Easter celebrations in Reception Swallows…

This week we have been busy learning all about the Easter story and our classroom has been full of eggciting activities!! We have read and followed instructions to make chocolate Easter nests, designed our own symmetrical Easter eggs and mixed different shades of paint to paint our class daffodils. We even went outside today in the lovely spring sunshine for our PE lesson with Miss Jancy.

Click here to see some of the photos from the week!

Have a fantastic break 🙂

Teddy Bears Picnic!

Nursery had lots of fun today introducing their bears to their classmates, playing games and having a Teddy Bears picnic!

First the children made their own sandwiches choosing a filling of jam or marmalade! Then they sang songs about their bears and played parachute games.

The best bit was definitely sharing their sandwiches in the sun! And thank you to Harry who brought them extra sweetie treats to share!

Take a look at our picnic fun here! 

Reception Amazons – Easter celebrations!

This week in Reception we have been learning about Easter and why it is celebrated. We have read the Easter story, discussed what this festival means to Christians and talked about the different symbols we may come across at this time of year e.g. egg, cross.

We have taken part in lots of Easter-themed activities – reading instructions to make chocolate Easter nests, using tweezers to count mini eggs, writing Easter cards, creating patterns and making observational drawings of our class daffodils! Take a look at what we have been up to here….

Also I wanted to say a huge well done to all of Amazons for their performance in the POP UK concert this week. Mrs Whitley and I were extremely proud of you!

Have a lovely break 🙂

Year 6 Easter Homework

Over the Easter holidays, if you can, please spend 10 minutes a day having a go at the Maths questions I have sent you home with. It might be a nice idea to time yourself 10 minutes and see how much you can do in that time! I’ve also sent the answers home, so mark them yourselves, or go through them with an adult. Remember if there is something you don’t know, circle the number and move on to the next question.

I will not be collecting them back in, but please make a note in your reading record of any areas of Maths you would like us to go over in class after the holidays.

Please continue practising the spelling sheet I sent home too!

Also, as always, the most important homework: read! Spend time in the holidays to find somewhere cosy to curl up with a book as often as you can.

Have a lovely break! See you after the holidays!

Ellenbrook goes Pop!

The children from across the school wowed parents with their fantastic Pop UK Concert yesterday.

St Marys Church were brilliant helping us to host two performances; An EYFS and KS1 afternoon performance and KS2 evening performance.

All of the children were stars in their own right singing and dancing through 7 songs they had learnt in only 3 days!

Staff are very proud of our talented children!

Well done superstars!

Nursery Bear Hunt at Bring Yeh Wellies

Nursery had fantastic day at Bring Yeh Wellies!

First they compared our senses and those of a bear. They had to use magnifying glasses, determine what the smells were in different wellies, listen to each others hearts beat using a stethoscope and explored night vision down a dark tunnel!

Once we’d got our super senses working they split into teams to follow a map to hunt for bears – each group worked really well to find their bears – in fact they found 4 each!

After looking at the worms busily eating in the wormery the children realised they were hungry so it was time for a picnic in the lovely sunshine!

After lunch the children worked together to build dens in the woods, made and raced cork boats along the brook and flexed their muscles to race around an obstacle course!

The children had lots of fun and just like in the story it was a beautiful day!

Take a look at all the fun here! 

Thank you to Bring Yeh Wellies for a fantastic day and the Mummies who came along to help!

Year 6 Grammar and Science

Another week of hard work in Year 6!

Earlier this week, Year 6 certainly did not write on the tables during their grammar practice. They sorted words into whether they were nouns or verbs – did you know a surprising number of words can be both? Ask Year 6 all about it!

Then, for the last couple of days, Year 6 have been busy working on a project to finish off their work on perfect prisons. They considered whether or not it was important for prisons to be healthy places, then researched healthy lifestyles to present their work in a way that would support their prisons to be healthy.

Have a look at all the pictures here.

Jets’ performance poetry

Jets have learnt the poem Ten Dancing Dinosaurs and recited it this morning with their actions. They children used this poem to then write their own poems in groups , using their rhyming skills to write verses with rhyming couplets. Both Mrs Berryman and Miss Jolley are very proud of all the children for their creative efforts! Well done.

Have look at the video and poems here…