Pancake Bears!

Nursery’s new topic is Bears and this week they are doing lots of learning based around the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

As today was pancake day the children celebrated by making their own pancakes which they turned into bears faces before eating!

“They are delicious!” exclaimed Heidi! The pancakes got a big thumbs up!


Take a look at our Pancake Bears here!


WOW! Our classroom has been invaded with model castles!

Have a look…

The children have learnt some fantastic information over the holidays.

On Monday we shared what we already knew about castles, kings and queens and showed our modells, drawings, posters, photographs to each other before having time to explore and play with them.

We can’t wait to learn even more in our new topic ‘Who lives in a castle?’.

A Mysterious Crime in Year 6!

What a busy last day of term we had in Year 6!

I was shocked when I came in to school in the morning and discovered that somebody had been in the classroom and stolen the chocolate I had bought for Year 6 to celebrate the end of the half term. They’d even left a note showing a complete lack of remorse! Luckily, I knew just the people to help me investigate.

There were three possible suspects who were in the building at the time of the crime: Mrs Parkins, Mr Marks and Mrs McKenna. After investigating the crime scene and collecting evidence, Year 6 decided to interview the suspects and collect fingerprints and handwriting samples. After extensive analysis, we decided there was only one possible course of action: arrest Mr Marks!

To give Mr Marks a chance, we had a trial, but the evidence proved too conclusive: the jury decided that Mr Marks was guilty. We decided an appropriate punishment would be to buy us some more chocolate. I hope he’s learned his lesson!

Have a look at the pictures of our Year 6 investigators in action.

This was a great end to a busy half term in Year 6.

Remember Year 6 that we will be doing tests the first week back, so your homework is to use your revision guides / mathletics to prepare. Don’t forget to read, read, read too!

Building Dinosaur Land – Reception Swallows…

This week we have been using lots of non-fiction books to research and then we created our very own dinosaur land! We learnt lots of new skills to shape, assemble and join different materials. We love the end result and have had so much fun making up our own dinosaur stories….

P.S. Our egg hatched – look what was inside! A lovely dinosaur! We chose to call her Bluebell and have loved reading stories to her all day…

Reception Amazons – Dinosaur Rhymes!

This week we have continued our dinosaur theme to incorporate rhyme. We have been reading lots of dinosaur texts, listening for rhyming words and identifying their patterns. We have also had fun in guided reading using our phonic knowledge to cross the dinosaur swamp!

The children have particularly enjoyed our math’s work this week weighing dinosaurs! They have spent lots of time experimenting with the scales, finding the heaviest and lightest dinosaurs as well as challenging themselves to make the scales balance.

Alongside this, we have taken part in other dinosaur activities – collaging dinosaur masks, writing ingredients for dinosaur food, designing 2D shape dinosaurs and using the IPads to program ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’!

However, yesterday was the best day of all…we heard creaking and cracking, and finally the mysterious egg hatched! Welcome to the world Sandy the Stegosaurus (chosen by the children) 🙂

Have a lovely half-term break x

Reception Amazons – Dinosaur Rhymes! on PhotoPeach

Superhero Day!

What a fantastic end to a fantastic topic! The children have loved being superheroes today! They have spent the day completing superhero challenges, using super senses to identify smells, building muscles in our dough gym, flying around the play ground, making superhero flags and writing “superheroes need….” guides!




















Take a look at our class of superheroes…

Presenting the Nursery Superheroes! on PhotoPeach

Later in the day the children were delight to be joined by Super Zac who showed them his super strength by building obstacle courses outside…..








Well done Nursery – you really are superheroes!

Year 3 Spanish Afternoon

To launch our new Topic – ‘Why do so many people go to Spain for their holiday?’ ~Miss Watson brought Spain to the Year 3 classroom. We listened to some traditional Spanish music, watched some flamenco dancing and dined Spanish style by trying some traditional Spanish cuisine. The children really enjoyed the afternoon and are very excited to get started with our new Topic after the half term break. Check out the pictures here. 


Jets have been scientists this past couple of weeks; testing, exploring and investigating physical properties of materials. The children had to suggest ideas on how to keep our tests ‘fair’ to get reliable results. They used simple science equipment to carry out their tests; observed and explained what happened; and begun applying their mathematical skills of measuring time, height, weight to record results. Ask your child about the investigations they did:

Can we make a strong and stable paper bridge?

 How can we strengthen it?

Children explored ways of manipulating paper to create a structure which held a weight for a period of time; they folded, twisted, scrunched, rolled and zig-zigged the paper. Team work skills were crucial to successfully work together on this task.

Which is the bounciest ball?

Using equal-sized balls made from different materials, the children observed the heights at which the balls bounced back up to determine which material made the bounciest ball. Fair testing skills were necessary to ensure we could trust the results and measuring skills to record the heights.

Flexible or rigid?

Pupils investigated which materials were flexible and which were rigid by hanging weights from a variety of materials; metal, paper, wood… The children had to use stopwatches to measure the length of time the weight stayed onto the material, before dipping lower. It was interesting to observe that even though the aluminium foil and the desert spoon are made of metal, one was more rigid than the other!

Have a look at the scientists in action here…

Superhero Mission up-date – Boris found!

After completing several superhero challenges where the children had to use their counting, writing and thinking skills Bad Bob realised just how powerful our superheroes really are so decided it would be best if he gave Boris back to us!

However, in order to find Boris the children had to follow a sequence of clues looking inside, underneath, on top and next to different objects and searching areas in their classroom. Finally, due to their super detective work, Boris was found! Bad Bob had locked him in the freezer! Luckily the children quickly freed him and warmed him up with lots of cuddles!

Well done Superheroes!