Year 4 Whistles have been VERY busy!

The past few weeks have FLOWN by in Year 4 as we have been VERY busy.

We have been exploring Fractions and Decimals in Maths and been solving some VERY tricky puzzles.

In English we have created some fabulous PERSUASIVE brochures following a week of planning, drafting and editing 🙂

In Topic we have been exploring Europe and creating fact files about different countries!

We even looked at ELEPHANT POO in Science!!!! We found out that Elephants are great disperses of seeds as they do not digest them in their digestive system (we discovered this using all of our own knowledge and really impressed our teacher – and Mrs Parkins)

Check out the video below showing some of our work and homework!


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Chinese New Year

Today the children came into school wearing red, a lucky colour! This week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year! The year of the Rooster!







The children have already been investigating sending Happy New Year cards, making lucky red kites, working in our Chinese restaurant role play and playing dominoes. 















This week they will also learn the story of the animal race, perform a dragon dance and taste traditional Chinese food.

Reception Amazons – Frozen Frenzy!

On Monday something magical happened…we received a letter from Elsa but she was very upset because she had accidentally frozen our toys! The children were excited to investigate and work together to rescue the toys from the cold. Some children even wrote Elsa letters to tell her everything would be okay 🙂

Alongside this excitement, we have had lots of fun making stone trolls, building snowmen, counting snowballs and threading beaded snowflakes to name a few!

Take a look at what we’ve been up to…

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An Arctic Adventure!

After our frost day a snowman seemed to have lost his way! The Nursery children found him playing inside our classroom! They were worried our classroom would be far too warm for him and they didn’t want him to melt so they made him a snow den for him to stay in in our role play!

After reading the story “Lost and Found” By Oliver Jeffers. The children began to think and they suddenly realised…….. the snowman was lost! They decided they needed to get him home to The Arctic so he could be with his snowmen friends!

First they planned how to get there – by plane! (You can’t drive cars over the sea you know!)

Then they made a list of everything we would need – binoculars, a map, warm clothes!!

They spent a few days getting ready and then finally they were set to fly the snowman back to The Arctic!

The children had learnt lots about The Arctic so knew they needed to look out for arctic foxes, snow storms, polar bears, arctic rabbits, seals and snowy mountains!

On arriving at school they boarded their plane……








After a slightly bumpy ride they arrived in The Arctic and got ready to go out into the cold! They made sure to wrap up warm!! 








The children were fantastic navigators and used their map to get across the snowy arctic! Along the way they were blown about in a swirling whirling snowstorm, waddled like penguins across and icy lake, met arctic foxes, rabbits, seals and even polar bears before finally they found the snowman’s friends and he was home!!

Take a look at our Arctic expedition here! 

The children we so pleased the snowman had found his way home!


Year 6 Homework

Thank you for another wonderful week Year 6. Not only have you been trying really hard to behave at your best, you have produced some absolutely amazing poems, and some fantastic art work (I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!). Your Science reasoning at the beginning of the week was also really impressive.

Over the next fortnight, in your learning logs, can you show me what you know and can do in on one or more of the following areas:

  • modal verbs (English)
  • poetry (English)
  • percentages (Maths)
  • human evolution (Science)
  • portraiture (Art)

If you would like to get ahead by using your revision guides, we will beginning a unit on measure towards the end of next week, looking at converting measures and area, perimeter and volume. In English, we will be writing narratives using a range of tenses and punctuation.

I have set you some tasks on Mathletics related to measurement. You must know all your times tables, so if you don’t, please practise (and if you do, please practise!). Spellings will be the right hand column, followed by the bottom section of common exception words the week after.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Elsa has been to Reception!

At the beginning of this week we received a letter from Elsa. She had been busy playing in our ice castle but had accidentally frozen all of our toys! We worked as a team to find the quickest way of helping them escape. The children had some fantastic ideas including putting the frozen bear by the radiator, covering him in warm jumpers, pouring hot water on top and trying to find him some sunshine! A super investigation – Well done Reception Swallows! Watch the video to see our fantastic ideas and teamwork in action…

Frozen fun in Reception Swallows!

We love Frozen! At the beginning of the week we transformed our role play area into Elsa’s Ice Castle and have loved dressing up as all the characters. We have made comparisons between Ellenbrook and Arrendale (where the story is set) and used a globe to learn about places that are snowy all the time! In maths, we have been counting snowflakes – we listened to the twinkly instrument and counted using our fingers and number fans. Some of us even had a go at making a tally and grouped in fives! In our floor book groups we have been investigating our own questions – How does it snow? How do animals stay warm in winter? A very busy week…

Reception Amazons – Frozen!

Alongside our seasonal learning this week, our literacy work has surrounded the much-loved Disney film and story ‘Frozen’! The children were very excited 🙂

On Monday, our role-play area transformed into Elsa’s Ice Castle and the children have enjoyed playing the different characters from the story.  We have looked at the story setting of ‘Arrendelle’, made comparisons with Ellenbrook, described it using adjectives and painted pictures using wintery colours. As part of our maths work we have been counting snowflakes, listening to the sounds of a triangle and recording the number in different ways. We have even learnt to tally! The children have also painted story characters, junk-modelled ice castles, built igloos with sugar cubes and ordered snowballs by size to name a few.

Lastly we have begun to work in our Floorbook groups to answer our winter-themed questions! So far, we have researched ‘Why don’t Penguins fly?’ and ‘How do you make hot chocolate?’  We are looking forward to discovering more next week!

Have a look at us in action below…

Reception Amazons – Frozen! on PhotoPeach