Floorbook work in Reception Swallows!

This week the children have been busy asking their own questions, researching the answer and recording their learning! The children had lots of questions they wanted to investigate about the Gingerbread man…

  • Will the gingerbread man sink if he goes in the water? (Ladybird group)
  • What does the gingerbread man smell like? (Butterfly group)
  • Do foxes eat gingerbread men? (Bumblebee group)
  • How does the little old lady bake a gingerbread man? (Caterpillar group)
  • What way does the gingerbread man go? (Spider group)

Have a look at the video to see how we investigated and found out the answers to our own questions…

Reception Amazons – Exploring shape!

As part of our maths work this week in Reception we have begun to explore 2D shapes! The children have been very enthusiastic, searching the classroom to see what shapes they could find in their learning environment. We have made our own shape books, made gingerbread men from shapes, printed shapes with paint, found them in shaving foam and made them from elastic bands on our geoboards. We are looking forward to continuing our shape learning next week!

Reception Amazons – Exploring shape! on PhotoPeach

We have also been working extremely hard this week practising our singing and dancing in the Christmas play. The time is coming near and we are all very excited!



We had a FANTASTIC time on Monday at the Inter-Cluster Eurovision Song contest.  I was extremely proud of Year 4 making it through to the final and singing their hearts out (IN FRENCH) on the stage!

We did not place in the top 3 but we came a VERY CLOSE 4th and since Monday I have had many emails and phone calls from staff at the contest to tell me how impressed they were with the talent and behaviour of our children.

Thank you for all your support.

Here’s to next year 🙂

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Friendship bracelets – Year One Jets

Year One Jets were busy this afternoon making friendship bracelets with charms. Each charm stood for something a good friend does or a quality we look for when making friends. From love to care, kindness to sharing, making up to smiling and laughing – Jets have shown they know what makes a true friend. They even explained each of their charms to a friend. Have a look at some of us in action here…

Gingerbread men in Reception Swallows…

This week we have been learning the story of the gingerbread man and have loved dressing up as all the characters in our story cottage..


Later in the week we followed instructions to make our own gingerbread men but then the next day they ran away!! Have a look at the video below to see if we managed to catch them…


Hi Mummies and Daddies,

It’s Callum, Angel, Ashwin, John, Claudia, Alice, Theo and Elise here………we have had so much fun designing an air raid shelter in our teams and we have learnt how to organise our designs!

It’s Athea, Zachary, Tanya, Ellie T here …….we have had the best time rehearsing for our EUROVISION FINAL  on Monday!! Stay tuned to find out how we do.

It’s David, Charlie and Harry here…….our Numeracy this week has been tricky at times but we have enjoyed the written method for multiplication (we realised how important our times tables are).

It’s Richa, Ellie O, Anda, Ellen, Syana and Nyah here…… for us Literacy has been amazing this week, we really LOVE our new book My War Diary by Marcia Williams.  We are so excited to write our own diary! We have also rehearsed our News Reports and cannot wait to share them.

It’s Olivia, Daniel, Isabelle and Leo here……today we designed our own toy in Computing and we really enjoyed it.

It’s Hannah and Bosco here…….in RE we re-told the story of Hanukkah and turned it into a role play.  We now know why Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah 🙂


Reception Amazons – You can’t catch me!

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!

Over the past two weeks in Reception we have been exploring the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have been using our learning of storytelling from before half-term to retell the tale using our class story map, story language and actions.

In our floorbook groups we have asked our own questions about the gingerbread man and began to research the answers! The children have wondered…
– Where did the gingerbread man go?
– What is the gingerbread man made of?
– Why did the gingerbread get eaten?
– Where does the gingerbread man live?
– Why did the fox gobble him up?

We have also had lots of fun baking our own gingerbread men, sequencing instructions and writing our own ingredients…but guess what? Today they ran away just like in the story! They made such a mess and we had to follow clues to find them! Luckily, we found them safe, sound and most importantly edible 🙂

Friday – Children in Need!

The children looked fantastic in their pyjamas today in aid of Children in Need! We learnt why Pudsey is a very special bear and thought about how we could be kind to other children just like him. We took part in themed activities, including  making playdough Pudseys, split-pin Pudsey’s, Pudsey masks and Pudsey headbands. Thank you for taking part and making this a fun-filled fundraising day. Not forgetting, your generous donations.

Reception Amazons – The Gingerbread Man! on PhotoPeach

Have a lovely weekend! x     Image result for pudsey clipart