Red Riding Hood in Reception Swallows

In Reception Swallows we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We used Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for writing’ approach to retell the story using our story map – we have learnt lots of story language and actions to match! In maths we have made a fruit salad for Red Riding Hood’s Granny – we had to count the ingredients and draw the recipe using our 10s frames.

Within the continuous provision we have been making soup in the mud kitchen, acting out the story on the stage outside, dressing up as the characters in our new role play area and making ‘get well soon’ cards for Granny!

We also took part in Languages Day on Monday. Have a look at the video to see a story of our week…

Year 6 Homework


Due – Thursday 13th October

 Choose one or more options:

  • English/Topic – Can you adapt Drew Daywalt’s books about something you have at home.

The Day the ___________ Quit

The Day the _________ Came Home

  • Maths – Design something to teach  someone how to calculate using written methods. Can you create success criteria with some handy hints?
  • Science – Can you create a classification chart for something other than insects or liquorice allsorts? Think carefully about their characteristics.

Here is a reminder of our liquorice classification:




Please see your sheet for this week’s spellings.

Times Tables Practice

Keep working hard on your times tables. You could play a game with someone at home: ask someone to throw a ball to you and answer a times table- just like we did at school.

Reception Amazons – Once Upon A Time…

We started this week with a ‘Bonjour!’ and ‘Salut!’ as Monday was European Languages day! First, we explored the different languages we speak in Amazons and then had a fun-filled day taking part in French activities. We collaged the French flag, built the Eiffel Tower, made pastries in our ‘French bakery’ and wrote hello in different languages using the colours of the flag. The children were also introduced to our French class puppet ‘Gaston’, who they thought was hilarious! 🙂

For the rest of the week, we have been exploring the traditional tale and our focus story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  We have used Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for writing’ approach to learn and retell the tale using our story map, lots of story language (e.g. Once upon a time…, …happily ever after) and actions to match. Among the many topic-based activities, we have sequenced the story pictures, made finger puppets, practised name writing in RED glitter and painted story characters, as well as a healthy food basket for Grandma.

Have a look at us in action…

Language Day and Little Red Riding Hood on PhotoPeach

European Day of Languages 26th September 2016

Bonjour!  Hola!  Hello! Halo! Ciao!

What a fantastic day we had here at Ellenbrook celebrating European Day of Languages!

Thank you to everyone (staff, pupils and parents) that helped us to really enjoy the day and learn so much about different languages and cultures in Europe (and around the world).

Every year group explored languages in their class and we looked at how many we have in the WHOLE SCHOOL!

Here is a short video showing just a snap shot of the day!

Thank you

Miss Lynch


European Day of Languages September 26th on PhotoPeach

Languages Day in Nursery

Today the children thought about the different languages we speak in our class as well as different languages from around the world.

They met our new class puppet ‘Tiny’. Tiny is from France so he speaks French. Tiny taught the children to say Bonjour and they played colour games with him in French.

During the day the children helped make Tiny feel welcome in our classroom by collaging French flags, building the Eiffel tower from lego and making bread and pastries in our French Bakery.

Tiny will visit the children weekly to teach them some French!

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Reception Swallows – Pizza for Pirates!

What a fantastic week in Reception Swallows! We enjoyed building our own pirate ships with the junk modelling and testing them in the water tray to see if they floated. We have been reading treasure maps, drawing treasure maps and following treasure maps! In maths, we have been using 10s frames to count the pirate treasure. In addition to all this….we received a letter from George and his pirate crew – the sea monster had eaten all their pizza! We decided to make our own pizzas by following the instructions to make the dough. We then had to select healthy toppings.

Watch the video below to see our busy week!

Colours in Nursery!

This week we have been helping Boris the Bear to learn his colours! Each day we have focused on a different colour; going on colour hunts and carrying out lots of activities!

On Red Day we….

….painted red apples

….made apples from red play dough

….chalked red pictures

….moved our muscles with red streamers

….wrote letters on red paper to post in a red post box

….weighed, counted and shopped for red apples and strawberries

On Blue Day we….

….painted the deep blue sea

….looked at light blue and dark blue shades

.…after reading the story blue balloon we wrote our names in our own blue balloons

….bobbed boats about in the blue water

On Yellow Day we…

….collaged bright yellow suns

….used 5 yellow ducks to sing “5 Little Ducks”

….made patterns with sparkling yellow sand

….counted out yellow bananas for cheeky monkeys!

On Green Day we….

….went on a walk to look for green in the world around us—lots of nature is green!

….sang “5 Little Speckled Frogs”

……threaded green leaves

…..explored nature in our playground

…..investigated how to make green with paint and icing! Did you know blue and yellow make green?

Here we are on our green hunt!