Goodbye and Good Luck Year 6!

It’s only a small goodbye because I am positive you will all come back to visit us!I have had the best time teaching you all this year; you are an amazing bunch, full of confidence, laughter and determination and I know every single one of you is going on to fantastic things ahead. Never forget how special and amazing you are- I will miss every single one of you 🙂

Thank you also to parents for your kind words and beautiful presents- I have been absolutely spoiled rotten!

Enjoy your summer and if you find yourself thinking of Ellenbrook, you can see pictures from our last day here. You can also find this morning’s picture slideshow here. Please have patience (the file is huge!) but you can show all your friends and family.

Congratulations Year 6, and remember… ‘NAILED IT’ 😉



Year 5 Summer Homework


Can you read a book from each genre?

Adventure Horror Mystery Myths and Legends
Fantasy Science Fiction Traditional/Fairy Tale Non-Fiction

Possible activities about for each genre:

  • Read the blurb. What makes it that particular genre? Pick words or phrases to prove your point.
  • Read the opening chapter. Write down any words or phrases that make it a particular genre
  • Redesign the front cover of a book. Make this as imaginative as possible, without giving away too much of the story.
  • Write your own opening to a story of this genre. Make sure this is your own description and not the beginning of the story you have redesigned a cover for
  • Write a book review about your favourite book read this summer. Can you recommend any other books in this genre?
  • Create a brochure to promote books within one of your favourite genres


Can you turn one genre into another? For example a Traditional Tale into a Horror?!

Key Stage 2 School Games Day

What a great afternoon in the sunshine KS2 had for their School Games Day! The field may be water logged but that didn’t stop our fun. The children represented their house teams in a range of different sporting activities, winning points in order for their team to be crowned the champions. The afternoon was finished off perfectly with a final bonus round of ‘over and under’ in which some of the children found themselves a little wet when they didn’t handle their water bombs carefully enough! (I think the teachers had the most fun at this part though!) All the children showed fantastic sportsmanship this afternoon and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed listening to their positive words of encouragement for their team mates.

The overall winning team was Peel and their House Flag is now flying proudly in the school hall. A big well done to all the children for their exceptional behaviour and teamwork, you were a credit to Ellenbrook.

Take a look at the photographs from the day here. 



Key Stage 1 School Games Day

Today, while the sun was shining, we took the opportunity to have our School Games Day! We had a super morning each team completing the 5 events to earn points for their team. It was very close but congratulations go to the Orange team, our overall winners. Well done everyone, a great team spirit and atmosphere. Hope you enjoyed your ice pop too!

Have a look at the team photos..

Year 6’s Busy Week

What a wonderful week Year 6 have had! Singing, dancing, practising, practising, more practising, show nights, a show afternoon and, to top it off, an amazing leavers meal with- wait for it- more singing and more dancing!!

I’m sure parents will agree that all your hard hard work certainly paid off in your superb performances this week (Mrs McCarthy-Stott told me she was amazed at how far you have come!!) I am so proud of each and every one of you for rising to such a challenge, well done Year 6.

Last few days next week! Let’s make sure we have loads of fun and celebrate your time at Ellenbrook in style!

Please remember to return your revision guides on Monday and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Weatherley 🙂


Year 3 Bells Farm to Fork Trail at TESCO

What a wonderful morning Bells had on their “Farm to Fork Trail!”  Since learning about ‘what an athlete needs to eat in order to stay healthy’, we enhanced our knowledge in a trail at our local Tesco store.

Hands-on, we discovered that our food is sourced from all over the world: golden papayas from Brazil, limes from South Africa, Oranges from Spain and lettuce more locally grown in the UK. Elaine even let us try some pineapple and told us about the benefits of eating dried fruit within a balanced diet.

Next was the cheese-trying session; Elaine gave us two cheeses to try: ‘5 counties’  and ‘strong cheddar’…mmm delicious! We had to rate them and explain why we preferred one over the other before learning how foods (like cheese) are kept cool in store. We got to go inside one of the large fridges, behind the scenes. Brrrr…it was rather chilly though!

Finally, we developed our understanding of healthier drink options for Olympic athletes (or even us!) by learning about the hidden sugars in fruit juices, canned drinks and milk. Bells designed their own healthy version of flavoured water before making and testing it by crushing a variety of different fruits in a cup of water to release all of the flavours.

Year Three Bells were great representatives of Ellenbrook School with their impeccable behaviour and respect for public shoppers whilst on our trip. I was very proud of you all and you really impressed me with how much you knew about eating a well balanced diet.

Take a look at the fun we had on our trip here.