Year 6 Homework

No learning log homework this week year 6! Instead, I am setting you a class challenge!

We’re well underway with rehearsals for our Summer Production but are in desperate need of a funny limerick for our show. This week (on the paper slip you have brought home!) I’d like you to write me a limerick/poem/rhyme about something funny and music hall related.

For example:

There was a young lass named Daisy
Who drove all of the boys crazy
But one day at church
She was left in the lurch
‘Cause the chap she was to marry was lazy!

Be as creative as you like with this and have some fun with it! 🙂

Homework due Friday morning (1st July) please.

Please also remember to practice your lines, songs and dance moves as much as you can (even if it’s in the shower!!)

It’s really starting to come together now and I know parents are going to love it!!

Have a fabulous weekend Year 6,

Miss Weatherley



Flowerpot Garden Centre


Today was the grand opening (for one day only) of the Ellenbrook Flowerpot Garden Centre.

The children involved have worked extremely hard potting plants, flowers and a wide variety of herbs!  They created posters to advertise the day, care labels, price labels, pots, and even a bird house!!

The turn out this morning was superb and it was fantastic to see the children work so hard selling and offering advice to parents.

The video below shows all the hard work that was put into the centre and the sales this morning.  WELL DONE CHILDREN!!!!!


Flowerpot Garden Centre on PhotoPeach

Year 6 Athletics

Wow, what a fantastic performance from our year 6 athletics team! Winners of the Salford Medium Schools Athletics trophy, we are so proud of you. It was a great team effort, with nearly all our competitiors reaching their finals. We had medal winners in the following:

Lucy Trenchard – 80m sprint champion.

Cameron Sinclair – 80m sprint champion.

Jake Kimmins – 60m hurdles.

Lucas Wood – longjump champion.

Abbie, Molly, Victoria and Lucy – relay champions.

Thomas, Cameron, Jake and Lucas – relay champions.

As always it was a great atmosphere with all our supporters and the wonderful team spirit from all the children. All of the team managed to secure valuable points for the team which made them the champions they are! Special shout out has to go to Ella for stepping in at such short notice to compete in the 600m race.

Personal thanks from Miss Curwen, who wishes to thank all the children and their parents for their commitment, determination and enthusiasm in all their sporting achievements whilst at Ellenbrook. She is going to miss them terribly – and her Ripples!!

During the excitement we did manage to get some photos, have a look……

Pirate day at Bring Yer Wellies for year 2

Another great day for Captain BlackBaird, Cut-throat Curwen and Killer Kelly and their pirate crew at Bring Yer Wellies. Our first tasks were to create our flag, decorate a bandanna and paint each other’s faces! Then in groups we did some grid reference work and made a pirate ship to race down the brook. After splitting into 3 teams, we then completed a treasure hunt in record time. Unfortunately, a naughty pirate had stolen our treasure but we found him in the pond and so put him in the stocks! After lunch it was time for a pirate obstacle course, den building and team games on the field. We couldn’t go home of course until we had raced our Pirate boats. What an action packed day!!


A super start to the last half term of Year Three, in Whistles! We have been up to lots… In Maths we have been exploring nets of 3D shapes and investigating how many different nets would make a cube. We also had a visit from Mr Dickinson, who worked with us on counting in decimals. In English we have begun writing our explanation texts-inspired by Roger McGough’s ‘Until I met Dudley’. The children have also started to explore what is meant by a ‘healthy-balanced meal’ and where Usain Bolt gets his energy from. (Photos to follow…)


Year 6 Homework

For homework this week I’d like you to focus on the ideas from our Topic work about Mayans.

You could…

  • Write a Mayan recipe for a plant-based medicine that will heal a disease or illness! (You could have a go at making it too- be as imaginative as you like!)
  • Write an information text on some areas of Mayan life
  • Write some instructions on how to make Mayan hot chocolate! (We’ll be looking at this a little closer next week too!)

Don’t forget about the optional homework to design your house flag too! This is due on Thursday 23rd June and learning log homework will be due next Friday, 24th June, as usual.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Weatherley