Reception Jets – Trip-trap, Trip-trap…

This week Reception have continued to learn and retell ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ using lots of story language and actions. Here’s a snippet of what the children have learnt below! (Sorry there is no sound…see if you can work out which part of the story they are telling by their actions 🙂 )

Also on Tuesday, the children were very excited because the three Billy Goats Gruff had sent us a letter and some grass seed! They told us that all the sunshine we had last week had turned their grass yellow and dry. The Billy Goats challenged the children to grow them some fresh green grass and they worked as a team to choose the best place for it grow. We will be watching closely over the next couple of weeks to see what happens! Here is how they did it… 

Book worms in Year 2

We have done some super reading activities this week. In guided reading we used the map of Bottlenose Bay to make observations, ask questions and searched for inferences. In our topic lesson, we were scanning through the index of the atlas for our seaside towns. We then followed the grid reference to locate the town of the map.

We definitely deserve a long weekend! Enjoy

Year 4 Homework Due Friday 6th May


Due – Friday 6th May 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings and practise your times tables.

Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy– Write a short story with plenty of speech in. Make sure you use lots of different words for said.  The story could be about Dinosaurs.
  2. Numeracy– Write some money word problems of your own.
  3. Topic – Find out which dinosaurs were in existence in the Cretaceous period.


TOP TIP – Here is a great website for any work you do on Dinosaurs

Year 6 Homework 29.04.16

Well done to Year 6 for yet another week of extremely hard work!! The effort the children are putting into their learning, both in lessons and at home, is absolutely outstanding and I’m so impressed- keep it up!

This week, I will not be setting any homework for learning logs as I would like you to purely concentrate on any areas of English and Maths that you feel you need more practice with (this could be activities we have practised this week or areas you feel you haven’t looked at for a while and need a bit of a refresher).

Please use your revision guides and activities on Mathletics to keep practising any weak areas and build up your confidence! We’ll be doing lots of revision and test practise next week so the more you do, the more prepared you will be.

Next week, I will be testing a random mix of spellings from both words lists so please practise as much as you can. Also, remember to keep reading every night!! Can children also ensure that they have their PE kits in school every day- PE lessons will be on Wednesdays as normal, however over the next few weeks we may be doing extra PE sessions where you will need your kits!

Not long to go now Year 6, you are all doing so well!

Keep going and enjoy the ‘long weekend’ 🙂

Miss Weatherley

Growing chicks!

Our chicks are growing very fast! Every day they seem to get bigger and feathers are appearing in their wings and tails. Their feet are lots bigger now too!







Today the children updated their chick diaries and we got the chicks out of their brooder! Because they are getting bigger the children had to build them a pen to go in first! They had to make sure the chicks couldn’t escape or fly out!


















The children told me that the chicks are growing because they have been eating their food and drinking lots of water! They explained that the girl chicks will grow up to be hens and lay more eggs whilst the boy chicks will be cockerels and crow “cock-a-doodle-doo!”


22.4.16 – Busy week for year 6!

We’ve had a brilliant first week back in Year 6 and made a fabulous start to our new topic on the Industrial Revolution. The children have been researching and learning all about Charles Dickens to write a biography and also starting to think about the changes that happened to Manchester during this time.

For homework this week, I’d like you to think about ‘How has Manchester changed from the 18th Century?’ You might want to do some more research about this or concentrate on your favourite things about Manchester today.


  • You could write a poem about a day out or favourite time you have spent in Manchester (what did you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, etc)
  • You could create an information text about Manchester or even do a comparison (then/ now)
  • You might want to write from Charles Dickens’ perspective about his childhood and how he got the ideas for some of his stories


  • Can you research any statistics about Manchester? You could use these to create your own worded problems for a partner to solve using algebra like we practised this week!

Other ideas

  • Could you get creative and make a model/picture/collage that shows what Manchester is like today? As always, be as creative as you like!

In your revision guides, please remember to keep practising any areas you are struggling with. I can tell how much hard work lots of you have put in over the holidays- please keep going! You are doing so well 🙂

Next week, we’ll be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages, symmetry and interpreting pie charts and other data. In English, we’ll be looking at hyphens, clauses and speech.

Spellings next week will be prefixes ‘re’, ‘inter’ and ‘ir’ (make sure you have a list of these in your reading records) as well as a random selection from the 3/4/5/6 word lists.

Thank you parents and guardians for your continued support and well done year 6 for another week of hard work!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Weatherley


Year 4 Homework Due Friday 29th April


Due – Friday 29th April 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings and practise your times tables.

 Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy/Topic – Write some facts about dinosaurs!
  2. Numeracy– Do some research on the lengths/height/weight of dinosaurs!
  3. Science – Create a piece of work on the digestive system.

TOP TIP – Here is a great website for any work you do on Dinosaurs