Year 4 Holiday Homework

This holiday I will be sending pupils home with a pack of different activities. Most activities can be differentiated through the outcome so can be accessed by all pupils.  Pupils can choose any of the activities and can do as many as they wish.

Pupils can all also create ANY other piece of work they think would be great to show when we get back after the holidays.

Year 4 pupils work extremely hard on their homework every week and I am always impressed.

Thank you to parents/guardians for all your support.

Link below for the pack…….

Y4-Holiday-Activities (1)

EYFS Family Festival!

Today the Nursery and Reception classes wowed their families with a super performance! Each class had prepared a piece to share with their families to show them how much they loved them! They did a super job!

Reception Jets performed a poem;


Nursery sang a song;012


Reception Sharks sang a song;







Thank you to all of the families who came along to super the children. There are more pictures of our little stars here!

Year 6 Easter Weekend

Thank you so much for your incredible effort with homework this week- I am so impressed with this and your amazing performance in Church this morning!

You have definitely earned a well deserved rest over Easter weekend. Have lots of fun BUT remember we will be doing practice tests Tuesday – Friday so your homework is to revise as much as you can!! Focus on the methods we have practised in class and any areas that you are finding tricky.

Happy Easter and have a lovely weekend

Miss Weatherley

Year 4 Homework


 Due – Friday 1st April 2016

 There will be NO spellings this week.  Spellings will continue as normal after the holidays.

 Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy – Write a poem about The Hobbit. This can be about any character, setting or adventure you choose.
  2. Numeracy– Write a daily routine for one of the days during the Easter weekend break! Show me the time in analogue and digital (just like we did in class)
  3. Topic – Explore different foods eaten around the world. You can organise this however you wish!

The Dentist visits year 4……..

On Monday Year 4 were lucky enough to have a special visit from a DENTIST (Mr Taylor) and the dental nurses!

Pupils learnt how to look after their teeth, how to do a filling and how to check a patients teeth.

All children even got a free goody bag!!!

Check out our video……


The Day The Dentist Came to…..BRUSH! on PhotoPeach

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!!

Today was the day the Nursery children had been waiting for! The day of our own bear hunt!! The children were so excited they couldn’t wait to find a bear!!

We went outside and decided it was a chilly day!

001 002 003








We set off singing….

“We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one! What a chilly day! We’re not scared……….”

Uh oh!!! A road! A hard dangerous road! We couldn’t jump over it and we couldn’t go under it so we have to carefully walk across it!


Our journey continued…..

Uh oh!!! A path! A bumpy wooden path!! We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it! We had to walk down it!

011 016





We stumble tripped our way along!

Uh oh!! Mud! Thick oozy mud!! We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it! We had lots of fun squelch squirching through the mud!

027 028 032








The children kept a look out for clues, looking for footprints and scratches on trees!

031 036





Uh oh!!! A forest! A dark, spooky forest! We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it! We had to walk through it!!


We thought the forest would be the best place to find a bear! Suddenly,  we started to spot bear footprints! The children knew they belonged to a bear because they counted that they had 5 toes! They led us deeper in the the forest…..

043 049 050 052








…through a tip-toe tunnel…….

…until…….What’s that!?!

A BEAR!!!!!!!!!

060 061 063









The bear was hiding up in a tree! Carefully we got him down. On the bear there was a label which read “Please look after this bear!” The bear was lost and lonely. The children thought the best idea was to bring him back to school.


They carefully carried him the whole way back.


Once in school they shared milk and fruit with him.


They then decided he needed a name. Each child thought up and wrote down a name to go into a hat. The name picked out was chosen by Alex!!

Say hello to Pickle the bear! 081

The Nursery children have decided Pickle can live in the bear cave in our classroom! They are going to be his friends and take him on lots of adventures!

Year 6 homework

Well done to year 6 for another fantastic week. We’ve been working so hard with our Maths and English and were really lucky to work with Mr Dickinson again this week on some tricky mastery challenges- he was really impressed as usual!

We also made a great start on our very own class graffiti wall, taking inspiration from the different styles of graffiti and artists we have studied- take a look at what we’ve done so far!

For your homework this week, I’d like you to focus on the learning challenge: What would make a perfect prison?

English opportunities:

  • You could write a set of instructions to describe what you think might build the perfect prison
  • You could try to manipulate your reader in different ways, like we have done in class, by giving different views of a prison or prisoner
  • You could research and write another factual information text about one particular prison

Maths opportunities:

  • Design your own prison using shapes, area and perimeter! (You could also have a go at doing this in 3D and use some DT skills!)
  • Could you do some calculations to work out the costings for meals for all prisoners

Be as creative as possible! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

Spellings next week will be words ending in ‘eous’. Next week, we will be continuing with our persuasive writing and manipulating our reader with expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and adverbs and adverbials. In maths, we’ll be focussing on multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals and algebra.

Don’t forget to keep practising those Oliver words!!

Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss Weatherley

Reception Jets – Chug, chug, chugging away!

This week in Reception Jets the children have worked extremely hard to create works of art!

Firstly, the children followed their plans from last week to build friends for the Naughty Bus using junk modelling materials. They assembled, painted and added axels and wheels to their designs. We have had submarines, campervans, aeroplanes and trucks with trailers…let’s hope they are well-behaved vehicles and don’t get up to mischief on the weekend!

Alongside this we have used the ‘Talk for writing’ approach by Pie Corbett to adapt our Naughty Bus story maps and make them our own. In floor book groups the children imagined their own adventure, created scenes and then acted them out using their own choice of props and resources.  The class watched each group’s story come to life and they were all so complementary of each other’s work. Wonderful teamwork Jets!

Meet ‘The Princess Bus’, ‘The Scotland Bus’, ‘The Friendly Flying Bus’, ‘The French Bus’ and ‘The Animal Bus’ below!