Reception Jets – The Naughty Bus!

This week something exciting happened! On Tuesday the children found a gift amongst the bricks. When we opened it we found a bus…not any ordinary bus… A Naughty Bus!
Since Tuesday, the Naughty Bus has been getting up to mischief during the night! He made the sinks messy with toothpaste, left green tracks all over our floor and even thrown our cushions out of the reading corner but during the day he is nowhere to be seen. Today we got an email from the Police telling us that even they are looking for the Naughty Bus because he has been speeding and driving recklessly!

Naughty Bus 2 Naughty Bus 3





For our literacy this week we have written lost posters, class rules for him to follow and letters to PC Pete telling him what we have found! As part of our maths work we have been working on 3D shapes, building towns for our favourite toys. Take a look…

The Naughty Bus is still nowhere to be seen and we are wondering what mischief he will get up to over the weekend….

Year 6 Homework

Well done for a fantastic first week back Year 6! You have all put some amazing effort into our practise tests this week and I can tell lots of revision has taken place over half term- well done!

Our new topic for this half term is Does the punishment always fit the crime? Your homework this week is based around our first learning challenge: what was it like to be a prisoner through the ages?

English opportunities

  • You could find out about punishments from different time periods and write an information text (this would be fabulous if you included some of the grammar features we have been practising!)
  • You could focus on one particular punishment and write a descriptive piece about it.

Maths opportunities

  • You could draw or make a sorting diagram to sort different punishments into categories

These are only suggestions! You can be as creative with this as you like 🙂

Next week in Maths we will start by looking at Roman numerals and move on to drawing shapes and angles. In English we’ll be thinking about different ways to use cohesion and also modal verbs so you can use your revision guides over the weekend if you want to get a head start!

Spellings next week will be testing ‘que’ words.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂 x



Playground Improvements

Dear Parents,

Our bid for lottery funding was successful and we have begun work on our playground improvements. Some of you may have noticed a wigwam and a lean-to shelter!

For the EYFS, there will be performance platforms with backdrops, a reading area and a mud kitchen, as well as a musical instrument area. For older children​ we will have a climbing wall and a tunnel. The works will be completed in stages and the hope is to have the area nearest the school finished as soon as possible- weather permitting!

There are some artist impressions on the noticeboard, which you can also see below.

More information to follow….



Mrs Parkins


Who’s been in our classroom?!

Nursery arrived back from the half term break to find that someone had been in their classroom!!

Someone had been painting and left a mess!DSCF8264




Someone had knocked over their role play!DSCF8261




Someone had eaten all the raisins in the cafe! DSCF8263





Who could it be?! The children looked for clues! They found….. a little girl’s shoe, a wooden spoon and a yellow coat! Jason was quick to suggest an idea! “Goldilocks!” As they continued to hunt for clues they began finding mysterious letters! Once they had all been collected and put into order they had the name of the culprit! g-o-l-d-i-l-o-ck-s! DSCF8266







Nursery then spent the day making wanted posters for the cheeky girl! She needs to come back and tidy up her mess! If you seen her make sure you tell her the nursery children are after her!

Year 3 Ancient Egypt Topic

WOW, what a busy half term we have had in Year 3. Our topic has been “Ancient Egypt” and what a fun one it has been. The children in Year 3 have learnt so much about what life was life for the Ancient Egyptians and we rounded off our topic in style with a class trip to Manchester Museum and an Ancient Egyptian Topic Day in which we all put on our Egyptian finest!

On the trip, the children were given the opportunity to handle real Ancient Egyptian artefacts – some of which were over 5000 years old! They behaved like real archaeologists; studying the objects carefully and working out what they were and what they might have been used for.  They learnt about a real Ancient Egyptian called Azru and they even saw her mummified body! They learnt lots about Azru and what her life (and death) would have been like. The children were given the opportunity to look at the artefacts in the museum, and used IPads to choose the most appropriate objects for Azru’s journey to the Afterlife. Later in the day there was time for a little competition, when both classes had to built a pyramid as a team in record breaking time! Can you guess which class won?!

Miss Watson and Miss Jolley would like to say a big thank you to the children for their outstanding behaviour on the trip and also to the lovely parent helpers who gave up their time to accompany us for the day. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Take a look at the photos from our class trip day here.


On our Egyptian Topic Day, the children were given the chance to see what it would have been like for an Egyptian priest, who had the gruesome job of mummifying a dead body. In small groups, the children became apprentice ‘mummfiers’ and worked as a team to mummify an Egyptian in their group! The children learnt how to remove the brain and internal organs, (don’t worry we used jelly!) place amulets over the body, wrap it in linen and finally add the death mask. Miss Jolley and Miss Watson were very impressed with the children’s understanding of this process, the skills they demonstrated and the sensitivity and maturity they displayed throughout this process – well done trainees! In the afternoon, the children demonstrated their outstanding construction skills when they worked in pairs to design and built a ‘shaduf’ – an Egyptian device that allowed them to take water out of the River Nile. When we return after the half term holiday, the children will be given an opportunity to test their model shadufs to see if they can carry a small amount of water.

Check out the photos from our Egyptian topic day here.


Once again may we say a big thank you to the parents who did such a fantastic job helping the children get into their ‘Egyptian role’ for Topic Day – all the children looked absolutely fantastic and their behaviour was a credit to you.



Highlights of this half term……..

WELL!!! It has been a great half term, we have read some amazing books and written some fantastic pieces of writing from the books!!  We have tested ourselves in Numeracy and completed some tricky challenges!

In Literacy we all really enjoyed creating a new fantasy character (which was an animal) that would fit into ‘The Arrival’.

In Numeracy we did some VERY challenging fractions work and went beyond Year 4 objectives!!!!

Here is a sneak peak at some of our work from this half term…….



Spring Term 1…. on PhotoPeach

Year 4 Holiday Homework


 Due – Friday 26TH February 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings in a sentence and practise your times tables.

 Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy – Create a character profile for ANY fantasy character. You can present this how you wish.
  2. Numeracy – Select some items around your house (or outside) and estimate their weight/length. You must then measure them to find their actual weight.  Present your data in a table.
  3. Topic – Create a weather forecast for a country of your choice.

Here are some ideas for Literacy……

Image result for bilbo baggins    Image result for gandalf    Image result for Thorin

Reception Jets – Chinese New Year!

As you know, this week we have been taking part in Chinese New Year celebrations for the year of the monkey!

On Monday, both reception classes started the week in the hall with nursery, where Miss Bradley got us up and moving to Chinese music and perform a lucky dragon dance! All the children looked fabulous dressed in red and even traditional Chinese clothing.

Since then we have looked a lot at the story of ‘The Great Race’ and learnt all the animals which took part, in order, and their different characteristics. The children found out that mine and Mrs Berryman’s zodiac animal is the monkey (which they told us was because we were cheeky!) and that they were either a gentle rabbit or an adventurous tiger!

We have also worked hard on our floor books to answer our learning challenge “How is Chinese New Year celebrated?” and taken part in Chinese food tasting, which you can see here… (Prawn crackers were definitely the favourite!)

This week has been exhausting but so much fun!

Have a fabulous break x   Image result for chinese dragon clipart