African Safari!

This week Nursery were authors! They changed the story of Lost and Found so that the boy found different animals at his door! He found; a giraffe, a zebra, a tiger, a monkey and an elephant! The children thought he should fly a plane and take these animals back to Africa!

From this the children have been learning lots about what it would be like to live in Africa and the animals that live there!

They have painting different animals, been on safari and counted animals, explored life through our African role play and shared the story of Handa’s Surprise!

They finished the week by making their own fruit kebabs using Handa’s fruit! Have a look at their creations here!

Reception Jets – A Visit From Nastysaurus!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, on the weekend we were visited by a very large, unwanted creature…Nastysaurus! On Monday we watched the CCTV footage of him entering our classroom and stealing the egg just like he tried to do in the Tinysaurus story.

Cover your eyes!

This week we have drawn story maps, danced to the dinosaur stomp, made a very mucky dinosaur swamp and turned ourselves into ‘good dinosaurs’. Of course we all want to be like Arlo and not Nastysaurus! Take a look…

And finally today, just what we had been waiting for….the egg hatched! Welcome to the world …..Santa the Stegosaurus (Alliterative name chosen and voted for by Jets themselves!)



Have a lovely weekend x

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6,

This week in your Learning Logs I would like you to concentrate on the learning challenge: What am I made of? You could look at this from a scientific point of view, what are our bodies made of? Or, you could look from a personality point of view: what kind of character are you?

Writing opportunities: information texts about your bodies / explanation texts about how your bodies work / description about your character / story with a moral, showing how character is important.

Maths opportunities: You could collect numbers about your body: how much blood do you have? How many bones do you have? You could do an experiment about keeping your body healthy – e.g. take your heart rate before or after exercise, or change the amount of water you drink in a day and record the difference it makes to you and represent your results in a graph or table.

Next week in Maths we will finish off ratio and look at algebra. In English, you will continue looking at semi-colons and colons. It might be a good idea to brush up on fronted adverbials too, as these would be useful in your Piano narrative! You might also want to revise hyphens as we will be looking at these this week.

Spellings next week will be ALL of the Y5/6 ones plus /i/ spelt y and /s/ spelt sc! Y6 – please can you write the sc spellings in your reading records before you go home!  Next week, we will also collect spellings that end in -gue, so see if you can think of any before we do!

Don’t forget to keep plugging those gaps! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget Bikeability on Wednesday and Thursday next week – you will need your bikes, warm, comfortable clothes and helmets on these days.

Year 4 Homework



 Due – Friday 5TH February 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings and practise your times tables.

 Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy/Science– Write a poem about an animal!
  2. Numeracy – Use your fractions knowledge to complete the ‘What am I’ tasks on your paper copy. Remember to set out your sum neatly.
  3. RE – Research one of the religions from around the world! Choose one you know least about.


  1. I have also attached a penguin mask. This mask is in one of the information books the pupils enjoy reading in class and they have asked if they can have a go at making one.


Year 5 Jodrell Bank Trip

Our trip to Jodrell Bank on Friday was brilliant!

In addition to being able to look round the exhibitions and at the Lovell telescope itself, we took part in two workshops – one called ‘Solar System Science’ and one called ‘The Mars Rover Challenge’. These workshops answered lots of our questions about space, and were very fun!

In ‘Solar System Science’, the pupils completed a variety of experiments related to craters, meteorites, how light travels in space and the mass of objects on different planets. In ‘The Mars Rover Challenge’, the children worked in teams to simulate landing a Rover on Mars by creating something which would protect an egg from being dropped. Only one team had an intact egg by the end!

The children’s behaviour was fantastic at all times, and they were very patient on our long drive back. Thank you and well done Year 5 – I’m very proud of you!

Reception Jets – O, Oh! Dino!

What a roar it has been in Reception Jets this week! t-rex5

On Monday we found giant footprints in our classroom and a mysterious egg outside! The children were very excited! We wondered DSCN1192what could be inside the egg and went into the ICT suite to draw what we thought. Some children drew an emperor penguin, some drew a crocodile, Michael drew a kangaroo and lots of others drew a DINOSAUR!

OnDSCN1227 Tuesday, things became a little clearer when Arlo, the good dinosaur, left us a message. He told us he had found it and it was our job to keep the egg safe and sound! We had a go at passing a real egg around the carpet to see how fragile they can be. Luckily nobody dropped it! Phew! We worked very hard to keep our giant cosy and warm.

Also this week, we have been working on our floorbooks to answer our learning challenge ‘How do we know so much about dinosaurs?’. We have taken part in lots of dinosaur activities. We have made our own dinosaur fossils, measured dinosaurs by height, wrote our own dinosaur non-fiction books and dressed up as palaeontologists to dig for dinosaur bones in the sand!

This week the children have been noticing that the egg is cracking! I wonder what will be in store next week…

Have a look at all our dino fun…

Year 4 Homework



 Due – Friday 29th January 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings and practise your times tables.

 Choose ONE or more options.

  1. Literacy – Write a short story with your new creature. It could go on an adventure in the new world that we explored!!
  2. Numeracy – Show me what you know about Fractions! You can do this how you wish, you could make a poster or a power point or write out a quiz for your friends.
  3. Topic – Research some ‘Human Features’ or ‘Natural Resources’ (or both) that you can find around the world.

Year 4 Fraction Frenzy!!

A fabulous fraction filled few days!!!

Year 4 have absolutely blown me away this week with their quick learning and new found skills in Numeracy.

I challenged the pupils to make their own fractions board, we thought we would have to know facts about only fractions but we were wrong.  Pupils needed skills in measuring accurately, dividing and multiplication (as well as fraction knowledge) WOW!

Everyone did a fantastic job and pupils can now use these to further their learning.

Well done Year 4!


Fraction Boards in Year 4! on PhotoPeach

Year 6 Homework

This week, your learning log homework should be based around the learning challenges: Have we always looked like this? or Where did we come from?

You could look at this from a scientific, historic or religious perspective. Have you changed since you were born? Will you change further? (This is a Y5 Science objective, but one I know some of you are interested in!) Have humans changed since they were first around? How? Why?

Writing opportunities: you could write an explanation text, an autobiography, a story set in a historical time or even a folk tale that explains.

Maths opportunities: you could use timelines to show how you or humans have changed.

Revision books: next week in Maths we will be looking at ratio and proportion, and (hopefully) making a start on algebra too! In English, you will be past tense verbs, colons and semi-colons.

Spellings are still a mix of all the Y5 and 6 ones. Last week, we looked together a the /i/ sound spelt y and I was really impressed with how many ideas the children came up with. I will be testing them on these next week and we will also start looking at the words that sound like /s/ spelt sc (like in the word science) – how many words can you think of?

Don’t forget to keep trying to plug your own gaps using revision books and websites!

Have a lovely weekend!