Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

Over half term, please can you revise any areas of grammar or maths that came up as gaps on your tests (which should have gone home).

For reading, make sure you read, read, read as much as you can. Parents, please ask your child about what they are reading and comment in your child’s reading record.

For spellings, keep practising the spellings from this half term as revision.

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars too!

Have a lovely break! ūüôā

Year 2 Jets

This week we have been developing our maths strategies for division. We began the week using concrete apparatus, we quickly moved onto using place value counters and exchanging. By the end of the week we can use visual representations to divide numbers even when there’s a cheeky remainder!

Miss Curwen has worked with us this half term on gymnastics and was very proud of our final body management performance this week. work everyone.

Year 6 Titanic Eyewitness Accounts

At the start of this half term, each of the children in Year 6 were paired with a passenger on the Titanic. All the passengers that the children were paired with survived the sinking.  After listening to some radio interviews of real survivors, they children imagined that they were their passenger telling their story of survival on the radio too, thinking about how they would recount it but also how to manipulate the feelings of the listener.

Have a listen – how do these survival stories make you feel?

Mr Wolf has been again!

Yet again, we have had a visit from Mr Wolf in Swallows. He returned to make his pancakes using the instructions we had written, however he didn’t know how much of each ingredient he needed. He made a right mess! How silly of us to miss the amounts off? So today we have worked very hard weighing out the flour for him and developing our use of scales.

The children also wrote an email to Mr Wolf about his disaster and offering their help!

Keep watching for for updates on our pancake party tomorrow!

Refugee Data in Year 4 – Maths

Check out the fantastic Maths in Year 4!

We started off by exploring and analysing real refugee data around the world. We looked at bar charts and line graphs and explored what exactly they are showing us.

Following this we collected our own REAL data using the internet and created a table for this.

Once we had all the data neatly presented in our books, we then put it into bar charts and line graphs.

The children did a super analysis of their own data and then finally reflected on their own learning.

Everyone has made progress in this area since the last time we explored it and the results this time were fabulous.

Well done Year 4!


Year 5 Whistles- Exploring angles

In Year 5, we have been looking at angles. We discovered the different types of angles in our classroom using angle finders to determine if they were acute, right-angles, obtuse or reflex. We then had a go at drawing them and measuring them accurately using protractors. We worked really well in our teams and proved that the angles in a circle all add up to 360 degrees.

Have a look at the pictures below.

Year 6 trip to Bury Fusilier Museum

Year 6 had a great day today at Bury Fusilier Museum to kick off their next topic: Could you be a World War 1 soldier?

While there, Year 6 had a chance to look around the museum at all the artefacts, as well as to take part in some role play and learn all about what life might have been like for a soldier during World War 1.

It was a great start to a great¬†topic, and we can’t wait to learn more after the half term holidays!

Have a look at the pictures here.