Lledr Hall – Day Two

Today was our first day of activities in our small groups. Each group had a fabulous time and made the most of the opportunity and challenge. The weather has been warm and sunny and North Wales has never looked so pretty.

Mr Marks’ groups went canoeing and then wet gorge walking.

Miss Curwen’s group went wet gorge walking and then canoeing.

Mrs Canning’s group went on the high and low ropes and then the fisherman’s gorge.

We have had a lovely relaxing evening. Mr Marks lit a bonfire and we played some games. We also had a couple of birthdays to celebrate, so finished the night with cake and juice!

Here our some of our photos.

Lledr Hall – Day One

We arrived safely just before lunchtime. After finding our rooms and meeting the staff, we had our lunch in the dining hall.

In the afternoon we used our map skills to ‘crack the code’ and took part in an orienteering activity around the site.

After dinner we packed up our rucksacks, got our head torches and went on a night walk into the hills.

The children are all tucked up in bed now and looking forward to a day of activities tomorrow.

( To see some photos please use this link.)

WOW! Year 1 visit Blackpool Zoo…

What a fantastic start to our topic ‘Why are tigers not like humans?’ with our trip to Blackpool zoo on Friday. From roaring lions, to chasing penguins, jumping monkeys to sleeping tigers, the children were able to see lots of animals-some they had never seen before! Take a look at our photos here…



Swallows really enjoyed their lunch stop at the sea lion show. The talented sea lions were clapping, sliding, posing, swimming and even catching hoops. Amazons heard lots about elephants and the differences between African and Asian elephants.

You might have guessed, our zoo trip has really helped us with the objective ‘To use the _ing suffix’ as we described what the animals were doing. The children had opportunity to develop some Maths skills too on Friday by counting how many animals they could see, saying which there were more or less of and discussing the heights and lengths of the animals too; especially when we visited the giraffes which towered above the children! Our trip has also enthused our learning on identifying and describing animals, as well as grouping them them based on their diets.

Boris from Reception went on an adventure!

Our class teddy, Boris, had a wonderful plan…

To sail with a fine pirate crew.

So he packed up an apple, his favourite feast,

and sailed off on the wide ocean blue!

This week we have loved reading our letters from Boris and hearing all about his adventures. He met mermaids, got eaten by a whale, followed a treasure map and even met a scary sea monster! We have been reading the story ‘Pizza for Pirates’ and have made pizza with the play dough, counted ingredients and even went to the ICT suite to draw pirates on the computer.

Boris came back from his adventures today! We were so pleased to see him…

Click here to see some photos of Reception Voyagers from their first two weeks!

Click here to see some photos of Reception Discoverers from their first two weeks!


First Week in Nursery!

We have had such a fabulous first week in Nursery! It has been lovely to those little smiles coming through our door. The children have settled extremely well and have loved exploring the different areas of the classroom and making lots of new friends.

We have shared our All About Me books, tried different snacks, painted and collaged, drawn our self-portraits, got messy in the tuff tray, investigated our outdoor classroom and so much more!

We are looking forward to meeting more new friends next week…especially a brown furry one called Boris 🙂

Photographs to follow….
Please ensure you have completed your permission form for children’s photographs and return to school. Thank you!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Miss O’B  x

Roman Tour of Chester for Year 4 !


Year 4 have had a fantastic first week back and we have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The Roman tour of Chester was a great entry into our new topic….’What impact did the Romans have on us?’.

We have already got lots of knowledge whizzing round and are developing some great questions.

Take a look at our video below showing our fantastic day in Chester…..



Year 4 – Roman Tour of Chester on PhotoPeach

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 – you had a wonderful first week last week and you worked your socks off. I can’t wait to see what you produce for your homework. Show me what you know about anything we did last week, and be as creative as you like!

  • Reading. The children working with me in Guided Reading have worked on retrieval skills while reading parts of Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. You could show me retrieval skills by creating a fact file about a non-fiction piece of work, or a character profile about a character in a book you are reading. You could also find out more about lighthouses in World War II. We have also been reading Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce. You could find out more about Frank Cottrell Boyce and his novels. You could produce a tourist guide to Manod, or perhaps write a persuasive or discursive piece on what the family should do to help them make some more money.
  • Writing. In English we wrote the first drafts of our cohesive adventure stories about our Unbelievable Summers. You could respond to this by writing an adventure story, or by showing me all about your unbelievable summers! You could also create a a piece of writing using our words of the week from last week: they were promptly, apparently and deserted. We have also been improving our handwriting. Please feel free to show off your best handwriting, or to use letterjoin.co.uk at home to practice (username ellen, password brook).
  • Maths. In Maths we looked at large numbers and different ways of reading, writing and representing them. You could find out more about the pattern of the number system (I know some of you were interested in this!) You could find out where large numbers are found and used in real life.
  • Topic. We have been looking at the geography of the UK. You could create your own UK maps with places that are important to you. You could find out more about the counties and cities of the UK. (You could even link this with your Maths work and find out about population sizes of UK counties or cities).

Remember these are just ideas!

Spellings this week will focus on the left hand column. You should know all the words apart from the new ones already! The new words are words with silent letters – can you think of any other words that contain silent letters?

Don’t forget times tables (more information to follow about this) and your most important homework: read, read, read!

Learning logs and spelling homework for two weeks on Monday (due to Lledr): 25th September but feel free to bring it in earlier!

First Week in Reception!

Ahoy me hearties!

What a brilliant week we had in Reception! The children have settled into their new classrooms brilliantly and we have had so much fun. We have been very busy hunting for buried treasure, painting pirate ships outside and singing our pirate song! The children have loved sharing their treasure boxes of summer holiday treasure and we have been asking lots of questions. We also had our very first PE lesson on Friday – such a busy first week!

Photos will follow – we cannot post any pictures until we have received all the permission forms. If you haven’t filled yours in please bring it to school on Monday. Thank you and have a lovely weekend!