Amazons explore our local environment!

This morning Amazons came into the classroom to find a very strange, small blue creature sat in a cardboard box in our tuff tray. With it was a letter from our new friend Chrissy explaining that the creature was a Bog Baby!

She wanted to know what our local area was like and whether there were any friends for her bog baby near us. So we set off on a walk around Ellenbrook to find out!

Here are some pictures of exploring our local area and some of the plants and trees we saw on the way.

We recognised lots of different plants and trees and there were also some we didn’t know so we have decided to research them over the next couple of weeks!

Swallows investigate their local environment

Chrissy left us a letter and a bog baby today! She told us to read her story about where the bog baby is from and what it is like where he lives. She also asked us ‘what is like where you live; what lives there?’ So off we went to have a look in the local area around school. We did see lots of trees, leaves, flowers and birds but we couldn’t name them all. Our next job is to find out the names of the trees, flowers and birds so we can report back to Chrissy and let her know!

African Day in Year 2 Jets

What a wonderful day we have had! Today we met Karim and he brought 30 African drums. Our first workshop was African drumming and then he taught us African dancing. Back in class we looked at some images of African sunsets and animal silhouettes before making our own.

It has been a great day and we now have many questions we want to explore and answer.

New arrivals in Nursery!

MONDAY: We have had a very exciting first day back in Nursery! We were lucky to have some visitors and new arrivals.

Debs brought Cindy and Wilbur, two hens from the farm, to teach EYFS all about eggs and what comes out of them. We had to guess which animals came from eggs and which didn’t, and learnt about how chicks hatch from their eggs when they are ready.

We then got the opportunity to meet Cindy and Wilbur and feed them. We were brave to hold out our hands with food for them to eat! We thought they were very funny pecking and clucking around us.

Finally, we were left some of their eggs in a special incubator which we learnt keeps them warm. We are going to keep a close eye on them and keep them safe until they hatch. We are looking forward to seeing what comes out of them!

Take a look!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: We are so excited to announce that egg number 3 has hatched! The children were so lucky this afternoon to observe the chick break free from its egg and have decided to call it ‘Buddy’ as it’s our first chick friend.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

Today’s the day the teddy bears had a picnic!

Nursery have had a fantastic time sharing their school day with their favourite teddies to finish our ‘Bears’ topic this half term. We shared our milk, made jam and marmalade sandwiches, sang them songs and read them stories. Of course, we finished with a picnic outdoors and egg and spoon races too! We had so much fun and by the end of the day we didn’t just have very tired children but very tired teddies too!

Have a lovely Easter break! 🙂

Year 6 Easter Homework

Hi Year 6

You will all go home today with a booklet of activities in Arithmetic, Reasoning and Grammar to complete over the Easter holidays. There are enough for 10 days and should take you about 10 minutes a day.

I’ve also sent home the answers so you can mark them with an adult in your house.

If there is anything you are not sure of, make a note and I will try my best to ensure we go over it. Don’t forget you also have your revision guides if there is anything you are unsure of.

There are no reading activities, but the best way to prepare for the Reading Test is to read as much as possible and talk about what you are reading with somebody.

Happy Easter!