Creepy Crawly up-date

Reception now have cocoons!

On Monday the children arrived excitedly to check on our caterpillars – they couldn’t wait to see what had happened to them over the weekend! On arriving in the classrooms they found some of the caterpillars were already hanging by a silk thread ready to become a cocoon.

The children got to watch all week as each caterpillar spun a sticky silk blob to hang from, dangled from their silk curling up their heads and then shed their skin to reveal their cocoon.

By Friday each class had 5 cocooned caterpillars!

Now we must wait patiently for our butterflies……

The Animals Went in Two by Two…

Nursery have had another great week of exploring ‘Dear Zoo!’ by Rod Campbell.

As part of our literacy work, we have created our own ‘lift-the-flap’ book pages, choosing our favourite zoo animals and writing about why they wouldn’t make a good pet. The children have also been following instructions to learn how to draw animals, using their fine motor skills to paint zebras using cotton buds and practised their tricky word recognition in the sand pit.

Through our maths work we have been learning the song ‘The Animals went in two by two’ alongside the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’. We have been adding small world animals to our boats and finding out how many are left when we take small amounts away. This has also inspired our construction, building boats to fit all the animals in, and our art work.

The children have worked in groups to make their own ‘Animal Ark’ collage! They used different materials to create a team picture and chose an animal they would like to put onto their Ark, giving reasons why.
Take a look!

We look forward to seeing you at Sports Day on Tuesday 26th at 2pm 🙂

Year 5 Whistles- Chocolate Project

In Year 5, we made our first chocolate prototypes for some lucky Year 6 and members of staff to try.

We got some brilliant feedback on what will work well (and what won’t) and feel very confident in our designs.

We are now extremely excited to be making our final chocolates and can not wait to create our advertising campaign.

Take a look at some pictures below!

Russell sets up camp in Year 1 Swallows

Year 1 Swallows arrived today to a camp site set up in their classroom! After a lengthy discussion and speculation about who might have done it, it came to light it was Russell from the film Up. He is hoping to become a a Senior Wilderness Explorer but the strong Manchester winds had blown some of his pages from his notebook away. So, it was up to the children to use orienteering skills to locate the missing pages. They all gained their orienteering badge which they put on their sashes they made too.

This afternoon the children have started researching one of the names in Russell’s notebook, Sir Ernest Shackleton. They have learnt so far that he was a polar explorer, wanting to be the first to cross Antarctica from one end to the other. He travelled on a ship called Endurance that became ice packed but we don’t know yet whether he was successful…

Creepy Crawlies in Reception!

This week we had a special delivery to Reception – some real life caterpillars!

The caterpillar’s are currently eating and growing inside a special caterpillar home filled with sugary food.

The children have explored the caterpillar life cycle and identified the next stage the caterpillars will go through – we are now waiting for them to create cocoons. It is very exciting!

The children are now asking lots of questions about mini-beasts which we will be exploring through our floor book groups over the next two weeks.

What this space to see what happens to our caterpillars……

Dear Zoo!

Following last week’s ‘Oi Frog’ focus, this week we have been exploring animals further using the much-loved ‘lift the flap’ story ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. We have thought carefully about why these zoo animals wouldn’t make very good pets and used adjectives to describe them e.g. they are too scary, they are too heavy

The children have been participating in many fun, themed activities. Firstly they have worked as a team building their very own zoo in the classroom. It comprises of different lego brick enclosures, signs to ensure the animals are in the right place (and don’t eat each other up!), painted animal patterns and collaged, spiral, hanging snakes!

Alongside this, they have ordered zoo animals by height, hunted and counted zoo animals in the sand pit and made a variety of animal masks for role-play.

Next week the children will take on the role of ‘zoologists’ , collecting facts from books and the computer to create an information page of their chosen zoo animal!

Another grrrrr-eat week in  Nursery!